The Story Of A Self Made Millionaire



About Andrew Thompson


Just out of high school, I was everyone’s definition of a success story. The site I built to maximize the development of,, attracted 200,000 unique visitors and nearly half a million page views a day at its height. Not content to build and move on, I managed all aspects of the site’s operation, from databases and servers to advertising, utilizing Google, Yahoo, ValueClick and TribalFusion to maximize our revenue stream.

In 2007, when I sold the company, the website was rated as one of the top 6000 websites in the world and had earned 2.5 million dollars in eighteen months of operation. By then, I had also invested in a clothing company that, while ultimately not appealing to me, I wanted to go, still doubled my investment in less than a year.

My ventures had made me millions and I lived the life that most people spend their lives only dreaming about. I will be honest: the highs of wealth and success were tremendous and it brought me happiness. But I was shortsighted and believed myself indestructible. And I lost it—every penny of it and more—by failing to take advantage of my opportunities.

Some people called me young and stupid, and they were probably right. For most people, it might have been the end of their story. Failure can be either motivational or paralytic. For me, it was both. The fall certainly stripped me bare. But from there, I began to rebuild, both personally and professionally, seeing great opportunity in the circumstances that otherwise might have broken me.

I am far from broken.

In debt and unsure about my next step, I returned to my roots and began developing multiple ventures. One small beginning project was, a professional networking site that offered models and photographers an online marketplace for their skills. My background in website development and my talents with professional photography allowed me to tailor to the needs of our clients. I am still working on that venture, among other small projects.

Relocating to Los Angeles in 2012 has been the most exciting step in my long journey back to myself, to success and personal fulfillment. After years of ups and downs, professional triumphs and personal failures, the move motivated me to return to what I do best: creative entrepreneurial thinking. Seeing opportunity, I forced myself to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing. I quickly began making money and developing strong, inspiring professional and personal relationships. My recent success has allowed me to open an investment firm that provides seed money for other entrepreneurs with bold, lucrative ideas.

Experience is our greatest teacher. I am taking what I have learned—the hard way—and translating it into inspiration for future success. I have been to the top, hit rock bottom, and climbed my way back. I am grateful to now be in a position to help others fulfill their dreams while simultaneously fulfilling my own.

I was meant to build things—it’s what I love. I have built websites and companies from the ground up, and I have rebuilt myself. Everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit, and I want to harness and cultivate it wherever I find it. I am always looking for opportunities to build a business or a brand, and I collaborate with and motivate those who share that vision.

I am an entrepreneur. I am an investor. I am Andrew Thompson.



For the curious, here is a break down of chapters I have been working on so far… The book covers my early life, where my drive came from, why I dropped out, how I made my millions, how and why I lost it all. After all of that is covered I then go into the depression, and bankruptcy, and everything I went through from the mistakes I made. Then finally getting into how I raised $150,000 without any money in the bank, and then making a quarter million from internet advertising as of now (50k/mo), and picking myself back up while building a new company which is launching June of 2012. Expect the book release probably Around end of 2012, when the world ends!

You may ask yourself, why would I want to read a book about some guy who made 2.5 million and lost it all.

Well. Not only did an average drop out make it, the opportunities are bigger than ever now.

You will learn how I made it, where it all went, and what I learned from it.

How I raised $150,000 even after the fact of being in debt with $0 in the bank.

How I recovered from my house foreclosing, my tax lien, and my consumer debt.

And how I got back to making 100k/mo.

And of course, the struggles I went through with launching my new company, launching this June this year.

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