About my last blog seeking ideas

I have been super busy catching up on work. For everyone who has emailed me with great ideas, please email me again with your ideas if […]

Looking for business ideas NOW

Looking for business ideas NOW! Hit me up ASAP. I’ve got a great programmer on lock (I will cover the investment), if you have a million […]

Maui Journey

My girlfriend and I visited Maui, Hawaii from November 10th – 17th, 2011. I know, the blog is late, ugh, I’m so bad with my online […]

2012, What To Do This Year

Wow, it’s already 2012. Holy shit. 2010-2011 were not the best of years for me, went through some horrible business times with BEMODEL. Epic launch failures, […]

Need a CEO for BEMODEL

Contact me with your resume, salary and equity in the company is negotiable. Looking for a serious CEO who can be communicator, decision maker, leader, and […]

BEMODEL.com Is Live

We’re live officially. We’re still working out a bunch of kinks, but it’s up and running! Finally feels like I can breathe a little. Go ahead […]
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Drivable.com Partner?

Anyone interested with internet advertising experience? Looking for someone who is interested, talented, and experienced in starting an online advertising media platform for publishers and advertisers.
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BEMODEL Updates & More

Wow, what a roller coaster. I’m sure if any of you have a product you’ve been trying to release, but you just can’t get it perfect, […]

My Almost-Vegan Challenge

That’s right. I’m officially Almost-Vegan. They say it takes three weeks to make your body feel like it’s almost necessary to do it, or in better […]
Touchscreen Technology

Looking for a new venture, anyone?

Looking for someone with great ideas, who needs an entrepreneur/business man, and/or some cash behind them, to get their million/billion dollar idea moving. Looking for great […]