10/GUI? Amazing!

10/GUICheck out what this guy has come up with for the future of the computing industry. A guy by the name of R. Clayton Miller over at 10gui.com has come up with an amazing idea to replace the mouse!

10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo.

The Philip DeFranco Show As you probably all know, or probably not, I have been watching PhilyD for quite some time now, I think about 2 years now? I have seen every single one of his videos, I absolutely find the guy hilarious and intelligent, I strongly recommend checking his YouTube Channel out. Anyways, here is one of his videos from last week, I just find his intro 0 - 22 seconds quite funny :)

Acquisition 2 (Mac OS X) I came across some amazing software for Apple, I was sick of buying and wasting money on iTunes, so I decided to look for an alternative. This software works seamlessly with iTunes, has trusted sources, works like any P2P software, but is 100% legit. Artist, Track Name, Album Art, etc... are all labeled perfectly most of the time! I find any singles I need here. If you are looking for albums before they come out or just albums in general, check out Strikegently.com and Katz.cd, fucking SICK.

SafariFox (Firefox Collection) I am starting to turn hardcore Apple, so I came across some sick plug-ins to make Firefox a lot more efficient, and more appealing like Safari! While having the ability to still use Firefox! Check out the SafariFox Collection. I pretty much downloaded every plug-in they suggested. My Firefox is now uber cool!

My Favorite Mac Apps So I have basically been using Apple for maybe 6 months now? Ever since the new unibody MacBook Pro's came out. I have been using Windows for 12 years, and finally decided to switch. I haven't touched Windows since. Mac OS X is fucking amazing. I am just going to list some of my favorite software I use every single day on Mac OS X.

Quicksilver - The most amazing App launcher ever. You Control: Tunes - Control iTunes from the top bar Dropbox - Sync your data everywhere, iPhone, Online, etc... MediaLink - Share your library with your PS3 1Password - Password saving, form filling, etc... The Unarchiver - The best extraction tool Picasa 3.5 - Like iPhoto, but a little better I think. The facial recognition is awesome.

Just a few of the applications I use, don't want to name all the obvious applications like Photoshop, iTunes, Dreamweaver, iMovie, etc... Apple basically rocks.