2010: Hit The Ground Running

Quick Recap

2009 was an incredibly tough year for me, and probably for a lot of other people as well. I know I've posted a bit on what happened, kind of... I am not sure if I laid out any of the details of 2009, but it was really rough, and still is a little rough. Things are starting to look very good though, 2010 will definitely be the year of all years, this will be the year of The Renovatio. The funny thing is, my team can't start till literally Jan 1st of 2010.

2009 was my breaking point. 2009 was the year I lost control, and almost lost everything, I practically did lose everything. I lost the girl and only girl I have ever fell in love with, I lost all of my cars, I lost all of my money, I was seconds away from declaring bankruptcy, and almost lost my house. Not to mention the loads of debt and stress I gained. I went through a mental breakdown, literally. It tore me up. I never really gave up on my dreams and goals, it just fucked with me emotionally for quite some time.

Right after all of this, I actually got screwed over by another girl just moments before all of this too. After I lost the girl I was in love with, I ran into another girl just recently, and actually really started to like this girl. It's funny how shit happens, seriously, it's fucking just funny. I guess funny is the only word I can honestly think of to explain how things just happen so randomly. You know what they say, when you aren't looking, that's when they pop up, and it's so fucking true. The girl I fell in love with I ran into immediately after moving back from Los Angeles, and just shortly after losing her, I ran into the new girl I just recently lost. When I say lost, I broke up with them for whatever dumb reason I felt like breaking up with them. Anyways, the recent girl...

She was sleeping with me and talking to my friends behind my back. Yes, I said friend(s); plural. I'm not going to lie, I really did like this girl, and I will admit, I have trust issues with everything I have seen and experienced. She tried to pull the "it's okay to talk to your friends, they are YOUR friends" card on me. "Oh ya? Behind my back, and you won't even show me what you're saying" I said. Immediately followed by "You have to trust me, I'm not a bad person." I immediately jump to the obvious conclusion, and just the other day found out she did end up hooking up with him.

Leads to me to the conclusion:

You cannot trust anyone.

It's so true, it really is. Personal, business, and even family. You must always keep your guard up. I have always been to nice of a person, over trusting (until recently). Like I said, and will always continue to say; I have seen, and experienced so much from the losses, the pain, and everything associated with these events.

People are dirty, and they're are a ton of haters out there. I'm getting notoriously good at filtering out the bad, and only seeing the good. I can legitimately think of at least five haters who are pretending to be nice and like me, but trust me I know what they are really saying. You know who you are.

Hit The Ground Running

It's funny, once again, it really is. I've lost it all, everything I once had. Everything is gone. I have a hard time even communicating with other women ever since losing the last two I was with. It's like they pretty much broke me, and it's like I am almost incapable of trying to even meet other woman. I just cannot meet other women, I can't get phone numbers, I can't get dates, I can't get anything related to a woman right now. They all think I am unattractive right now or something?

It's like a test, at least I like to think so. I have been striving to get back to the top, and raise this money. But with this test comes with a contingency; no women. Which is 100% fine. I am ready for this test. At the peak of everything, the peak of losing it all, my life has changed, for the better.

My reach for the top is in my hand, now I just have to utilize it right to get back there. I've raised $145k total now. This is it, this is my way to make millions once again. 2010 will be the year, the fucking year of The Renovatio, I will grow beyond any measure imaginable. An unstoppable force is near, success is seriously seconds away. Los Angeles, my new house, my island, true love, is only minutes away. I am so close, all I can focus on is getting to San Francisco to work with our Senior Art Director to get this project going, but I can't get out there till Jan 1st. Jan 1st 2010 is the day, the beginning of a rebirth. I will take $145k and turn it into millions for all of my investors.

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. - William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925

PS. All of my blogs are off the top of my head, I blog from the heart, and what I feel. It's personal, it's mine, and I am here to share the journey with you on my path to millions. Thank you for reading and subscribing, feedback is appreciated, please comment below.