3 Month Recap

So, technically, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. To be 100% accurate, I haven’t really posted much since Feb 26th. When I was posting my daily results on my PPC campaigns (which didn’t do so hot!). So let’s just jump right in people! Well it’s been long, that is for sure. So basically.

I sold Perfection Apparel In March I sold the company for a measly 25k unfortunately. But all it had was a website and clothing. So finally, one of my companies gone. Haha. I flew to Denver to get everything together, and just get it done with, the transaction was pretty smooth, although I got a little irritated with my attorney.

Guess what happened after that?

I sold MySpaceSupport.com on April 17th I no longer own it. It feels good though to finally get away from the industry. I am sure great things could of been done and can be done to the site. MySpace Apps, better manager, more content, better SEO, etc… But it is just not for me, although I miss the small income it did give me.

So guess what that leaves me with? No cashflow/income.

What about photography you ask? Yes, it does bring me some cash — but not enough.

But guess what happened after that?

I shot Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane on April 24th My first real celeb shoot, I haven’t got the photos up… Soon though… I have a video of the shoot here, it did go pretty well though. I got an offer to shoot a lot more people after that actually and probably could of expanded my photography business, but I rejected all the offers, and cancelled all of my paid shoots. Why, you ask? (The paid shoots still wouldn’t of paid my bills, lol; I can’t charge that much yet).

Because, I made a firm decision one month before selling MSS, that I was going to become a Real Estate Investor/Entrepreneur. Now your probably asking, where in the hell did that come from? Okay okay, let me try to explain where this sudden choice came from. Mind you, I am ADHD (I think?).

Why Real Estate? First of all, let’s make sure you know the difference between a Real Estate Agent and an Investor. I will not become an “Agent” but I will become an “Investor.” I buy properties for cashflow and appreciation, not to make a commission. Back to the point, how did I make this decision. Have you read the classic “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book? Well you should, it really is a great book honestly. So I bought more, I am on my 5th rich dad book, went to his damn seminar, and a buddy of mine invited me to his “3 day seminar” out in Atlanta, so I went. It was great, although the sales pitch was a bit annoying (but hey, everyone needs to make their money). I thought, damn I’ve read 4 books, been to this 3 day seminar, I am sold! Real Estate makes sense for me in every single way. So I bought more books and even joined Rich Dad Coaching! I read Trumps books, Dolf De Roos books, Foreclosure books, and some others. I am on the fucking gravy train of gravy trains of book reading! Books are only good for so much, knowledge, they don’t actually give you the experience, so I am attending a 2 day event from JT Foxxwhich is kind of a hands on experience (laugh with me). But hey? What can I lose, he seems like the real deal. After all 15 of my books, my coaching class with Rich Dad, over 20 audio cd’s (LOL!), the lovely help of JT Foxx, and my strong ass determination to become wealthy, I will become wealthy very soon.

No but seriously, Real Estate Investing makes so much sense to building wealth, and getting away from the damn PC for now. I really could blog all day about the benefits of it, but we’ll keep that for later. Pick up some rich dad books if you haven’t read it, if you have, I recommend reading his book “Retire Young Retire Rich” book. One of his best books. I strongly suggest just reading all 5 in order though, haha.

So after my JT Foxx class on June 7th and 8th, I am going to go do it. Starting in Colorado though (bit cheaper out there) than lovely California. I’d love to give you the details of what my plans are, but I’ll save that for later.

If anyone has cash, or great credit, and is interested in doing a few deals together, let me know

So now what Andrew? Your right, now what? What about my blog, and my photography, and my old internet passion! It’s still there, trust me. But times a wastin! I need to make some cash, and I need to create steady wealth, I can always come back. My hobbies are on pause for now.

Anything else in between you may of skipped? Actually yes, there is! I am going to make them in dashes, because I don’t feel like typing a whole paragraph in an organized method. So here goes:

- My girlfriend and I get along absolutely beautifully, she supports everything I am going after. And I love her. She also has her own blog. - I am secretly planning my attack for Drivable.com with a new partner, we are currently in the process of trying to find investors to raise 200k (interested in investing to see the next thing blow up? Hit me up asap) - I am downgrading from my nice corner loft, because it’s to much money. - I am eagerly waiting for the new iphone update or new 3g iphone if they really do it. - I went to Vegas for my 21st bday, and lost a lot of money to poker and blackjack. - I got my first Sinus Infection I think? Which forced me to learn how to swallow pills (yes I couldnt swallow pills up till age 21, seriously… So what?) - I worked out for the first time in like one year, and my muscles were so sore I couldn’t walk or wipe my own ass (literally…) - I bought the Amazon Kindle, and absolutely LOVE IT. - My BMW M6 is still in the shop from my car wreck (going on 9 months now), hurry the fuck up please? - I have no income right now. - I have never had a job since the age of 16, and will make sure it doesn’t happen. - My ultimate goal in Real Estate, is to become a developer, starting with houses, than to commercial buildings, than to developing. - My absolute biggest goal in Real Estate is to build the “Fashion Suites” in Las Vegas, NV (I have a lot of sexy ideas for it, seriously… It’s going to be about a 5 billion dollar budget though, so I have to wait a bit… 5-7 years?) - My dogs name is Starbucks, shes 8 months now. - I go see movies every week. - I gave up on PPC for a while cause I didn’t do so well, but I might try it again soon. - I love reading. Go read.

The end, for now.

Support me with your comments, and I’ll keep everyone updated!