6 Ways To Become An Entrepreneur

Okay so lately, the entrepreneur has been streaming out of me, things have been on fire lately. Life is getting better, things are starting to get better. More money is flowing my way, problems are being solved, etc... I feel like the entrepreneur in me is really starting to shine, haha. I have always been stubborn, and have not had a real job once since I moved out at the age of 17. My first job was doing PHP at age 16 for a local company, my second job was working as a cashier at Micro Center, and I will never have a job again, ever. So technically, in my eyes, I haven't really had a job, I wasn't even on my own at age 16... I am just going to give some advice on what I believe will bring the entrepreneur out in anyone, regardless if you have a full time job or not, you have got to work on this stuff, especially if you want to stop making the company you are working for, richer. While you are getting paid hourly, you're potentially making the owner have more time to spend with his family, and millions of dollars. You need to flip it around, and be the one hiring, so you have time to spend with your family, and make millions.

1. Be Stubborn

I've always had the mindset of being stubborn, now I mean this of course, in the most healthy way of being stubborn. You need to be stubborn with yourself, I always have been stubborn with myself. I don't accept anything less than what I want. I don't let myself get to any point I don't want to get to, I force myself to find a way to not have to get a job. I mean, there may be cases where you have to do something, but be stubborn, do what you want, so you can reach the point of what you want. I told myself I wouldn't settle for less, ever. Be stubborn.

2. Value

You need to understand value, and realize that you can have everything and anything you want. You deserve it, you can have it, it's all yours. Value yourself, and everything around you, be grateful for what you currently have, and realize you can have anything you want. Life is meant to be in abundance.

3. Think

This is what I do a lot, I sit and I think. I take my time before I do something, I may be ADHD like crazy, but I really plan shit out. I am the kind of guy who needs shit on paper, bullet points, a plan, where I am taking it, how I am going to make money off of it. I plan like crazy. I think of ideas, and I write it down. I spend a lot of time thinking of a logical idea that can make cash. You need to think.

4. Persevere

This is probably one of the most important steps, you have to persevere. This is something I get told I do a lot, I never give up, when it comes to anything, EVER. I am probably the most persistent person I know of. Never give up, ever, come up with an idea? You must constantly talk about it, and push for it. If you're looking for an investor, don't give up, you can find one.

5. Dream

This step goes hand in hand with the last step, this step alone is not good enough. You can dream, and most people do. Dreaming is important, dream, my dream is to become a real estate developer and build hotels and casinos, for real. I am going to, I have a plan on how I am going to get there. So definitely have a vision, have a dream, and don't ever stop dreaming, but in order for your dreams to work. You must...

6. Create

Create. The most important step for dreaming, dreaming is for dreamers, you have to create. Figure out how you can make dreams reality, start with step 1 - 4, and you will create your dreams. I promise you that. Create a way to get where you want.

Hope this helps, as I have been using these 6 steps my entire life. They do me great, and they should do you great too :) Just remember to be stubborn, value yourself, think a lot, persevere, dream, and then create.