Tomorrow is the day, the day I get to be free of Colorado for a few days. I can't stand Colorado to be honest, I dislike it here, I miss Los Angeles. I use to live in Los Angeles, but I moved back because of money and relationship situations, and I am dying to get back there. Things are going great, life, business, and so on. My partner and I are going to San Francisco this Friday to wrap up the beModel design with one of the most talented designer / art directors I have ever met. I am so excited to see what he brings to the table for us. We have an amazing development team on board right now, and we nailed some killer shit down today, we are looking at about a 90 day turn around time for the new beModel, possibly shorter, possibly longer, but things are moving very smooth.

The reason I called this post Airports, is because I love airports, I absolutely love airports. Honestly, I'd love to be on standby, and be stuck at the airport, with my laptop, and just chilling at a terminal. I could probably spend weeks in an airport just eating airport food, starbucks, coffee, my laptop, and a pillow. I feel so free, I feel away from everyone. It's like being at Starbucks writing, but a much more productive bigger version of it. Being in airports motivates me so much, I start to write the most awesomeness todo lists ever! I'm really excited to finally get out of here, hit the airport, get to SF to work on beModel, and possibly hit up LA for a few days to just relax and get away.

beModel is about to dominate the industry big time, I have some plans in store for this rebirth. Hope everyone is ready for this.

The Renovatio is coming.

PS. Stop looking Andrew... Seriously... Stop worrying about it... It'll come to you when you're ready for it. Focus Andrew! You don't women right now.

Love Always, Andrew Fashion