Amazing Music: Master Shortie

Okay so here is an artist I fell in love with while in London with my ex-girlfriend Stella. She was taking a shower and I was just watching good ole London TV, and Master Shortie popped up with the song "Dead End" playing, and I fucking loved it. He has some crazy pop style music, with his wicked cool London accent, haha. It's super fun, poppy, partyish, and inspirational, the dude produces his own music, writes his own lyrics, and does his own beats. He just released his first Album just a few months ago, and it's fucking awesome. It's called ADHD. So it's basically effing amazing, here are my two favorite videos of his.

Dead End

Bringing It Back

My Favorite Tracks
  • Dead End
  • Have It Your Way
  • Right Time
  • Bringing It Back
  • Under The Moon
  • Why (Interlude)

You can also check out his MySpace, his website, and his YouTube Channel. You can preview or buy his album from the iTunes Store as well :) Buy his music, watch his music videos, and bump his track Dead End and Bringing It Back, and I promise it will make you feel that much better!