Amazing: The Philip Defranco Show

You have got to check out The Philip Defranco Show, I have been watching this guy ever since he started, well probably just for a few years now, but a damn long time, and his show just never gets old. He basically reports news, stories, douche bags of the day, just anything he feels like talking about it, and has some snarky humor, and I find his jokes very amusing :) I went ahead and included his video he posted today, he updates his show Monday through Thursday, so I have a video to watch almost every day! Make sure you check out his videos from years back and check out how crazy his show has changed and how popular this guy became. He is the 6th most subscribed guy of all time on YouTube right now, incredible. He will also post a lot of news, and content on his website, that you won't be able to find on YouTube, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) items, it's pretty entertaining! Let me know what you think of him, comments please! This is one website, and guy I check out almost everyday because his content is just that amazing.