beModel Flow Chart Staging

As most people should know, we landed our first investor. Now we have a second on board, we have a total of three investors on board with us to take to another level. Three investors, and two masterminds (Jamie and myself). We have probably two of the most intelligent creative people on our board as well, helping bring the concepts together, so just wait, prepare yourselves. Hey everyone, just thought I'd give everyone a shout out on the progress with what's going on. Jamie and I have been killing it with flow charts, wireframes, site ideas, and how everything is going to work. The structure and functionality of the site is finally coming into place. It's looking very solid.

We have done a decent portion of the wireframe rough drafts, flow chart rough drafts, and getting everything in place, so we can start revising and nailing down the components even harder. I have been trying to figure out how to do an "Agile" approach, the shit is a little complicated and tedious, but we are getting it down!

We have nailed two investors now, and are ready to kill it! We are signing the paperwork friday, and Jamie and I will take this to another level.


This is just a rough draft flow chart, just what's going to be on the homepage. We are not calling it "Newsfeed," just using the concept, this is just a rough draft, and probably won't make sense to you, but don't worry about that!

We are actually still seeking iPhone and Android developers who can do quality applications on these platforms. If you know or are very good on these platforms, I guess let me know! I would rather work locally, but you never know!

Hope you guys are excited as I am!