beModel Phase Two

Okay, so finally we are getting some where delicious. The paperwork is done. Every one has signed, this is a six member LLC, backed by 4 investors, 3 technically, and of course the two founders Jamie and myself. We have finally raised enough money to get things going. For the last week or two, we have been wireframing, and flowcharting constantly, been in quite a few meetings, just getting things prepared. I had the Articles of Incorporation written up for everyone to sign, a 31 page document stating how the company is structured, etc... It's some intense stuff, let me tell you! Jamie and I fly to San Francisco next week to map out the site structure of the site. Jamie and I are just waiting for Christmas to be over, so we can finally get going!

Phase one was site mapping, flow charting, and the legal work. Now were on phase two, the design phase. beModel will be absolutely stunning looking when it's done mid-to-end January. Get ready for the most innovative social networking platform for Models & Photographers!

Just wanted to keep you guys up to date, I will be posting a more lengthy blog soon!