beModel Update

So, the wireframes are done, the phases are in line, the structure is almost complete. The only reason it took 3 weeks into the new year is because we had to make sure everything was perfect. I had to do wireframing on OmniGraffle, hundreds of legal papers were used for brainstorming, then of course standard TextEdit to just get everything written in phases. We're finally just getting the development started this week now that a set budget and timeframe can be made, so time is not wasted anywhere. We have a clear path of what needs to be done, and in what order. The next step is San Francisco, CA Feb 4th - 7th to meet with our designer next so he can pump out the new beModel design. The design process will be about one month, and the development process will probably be 4 - 6 months. I am trying to get it done quicker, but we'll see.

beModel is going to be insanely amazing, and we're literally about ready to dominate the industry. Right now we are getting are marketing plans and strategies in place, building the tools, figuring out what companies we are going to use, etc...

If anyone has any suggestions, let us know now! :)