California Trip!

What a journey this was, a complete eye opener. Jamie Jones and myself flew to San Francisco to meet up with our designer / art director, who is taking on a huge project for us freelance, and the budget actually doubled, but is well worth it. San Francisco is amazing to say the least, not where I want to live, but definitely wouldn't mind it at all, it's so soothing, relaxing, peaceful, and at the same time alive. The place is gorgeous. The seafood is fucking incredible, gawddddd!!! Being there seriously made my heart feel so alive again, the environment, the people, the places, the seafood, the everything seriously sparked happiness inside of me. We met up with our designer that night and a buddy of mine Isa is in San Francisco, and joined the meeting as well. We met up around 10-11PM at Denny's in downtown San Francisco, and it was such an amazing dinner. Absolutely eye opening, great conversation, and such life was in this quick pre-meetup, this wasn't even our real meeting, and I could already feel the positive energy. The designer I selected to hire has got to be one of the most alive, smartest, driven people I have ever met in my life. You may have heard me say this stuff about people before, but I would hands down invest in this man myself with my last penny if I had to choose someone. I am 1000% confident in this guys abilities to bring beModel to another level for everyone. The ideas Jamie, myself, and Junior (our designer) were throwing around is just mind boggling. His intuitiveness is on another level, a different plateau than most could probably even fathom.

The following day Feb 6th, we had our meeting at Junior's office, and his office is jaw dropping, he designed his office from scratch, his computer setup, his drive still amazes me every single day I continue to think about what we are getting into just makes me want to jump out of my chair with joy! Our budget went up, but for logical and purposely understandable reasons. We are bringing so much to the table with the new beModel for our customers, we are about to change the game this time, and for real this time. We now have the best art director in the world on our board of directors, along with an amazing web development team, along with the visions of Jamie and myself. I just happen to have been following this industry for almost four years now, so it's safe to assume I know what needs to be done. After this amazing all day 12 hour meeting of brain storming, and boggling our minds, and number talk, Jamie and I enjoyed our last day in San Francisco. We were in San Fran from Feb 5th - 7th.

We then decided to take this time to relax and maybe do some traveling across California, why not right? Isa decided to come on our journey with us as well, since he lives in California anyways! Gave us time to think, brain storm, relax, and just all in all have a good time. We felt it was a good way to start the new year! We took the train immediately to Los Angeles, this was my first train ride ever, and it was FUCKING awesome. Trains have god damn outlets, why didn't anyone tell me this before? I was tethering my iPhone to my MacBook Pro the entire 8 hour train ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was geeking out, getting work done, emailing people, and webcamming with a sexy girl all at the same fucking time while on the train! I am going to try and make it a must that I take the train more often, it's relaxing, convient, cheaper, and I can get work done on the go! It maybe be a little longer, but I don't live by a strict schedule.

Jamie, Isa, and I arrived in LA, and immediately grabbed a cheap ass hotel in Hollywood, and walked the streets, and guess what happened, the night we arrived? We saw Ashton Kutcher walk across the street on the Valentines Day premier on Hollywood Blvd, no shit right? It was so full of life, people screaming and yelling "Ashton! Ashton! Ashton!" It was fucking incredible, he looked like such a god damn baller... There's a little of my envy right there... Hah. To say the least, it was fucking awesome. Being in Hollywood makes me feel like something great is about to happen, literally, I feel like I am in the right place, I feel like I belong there, and I can't fucking wait to get back. After that, we hit up The Grove mall, and god damn did I begin to feel nostalgic like crazy, this is the mall I went to every single day with Rose when I lived in downtown Los Angeles with her. I absolutely love The Grove, it is probably one of the most environmentally beautiful malls I have seen. It's so god damn beautiful. We just looked around, and just inspired each other being in the place, talking what we are going to do, future plans, etc... A great feeling :)

After this, we took a bus to Anaheim, and then a taxi to Laguna Beach where we tried to find the cheapest hotel we could, luckily we found an affordable one... Yes in Laguna, we found a cheap one, haha, believe it or not! Laguna was incredible, because a buddy of mine (Kris) I have never met from Huntington Beach came and picked us up, and we went and played pool, grabbed some dinner, and had some drinks, it was pretty damn fun. Kris is the guy I met online 4 years ago who got me into the MySpace business, essentially getting me into the game of being uber rich :) thanks Kris, haha. He took Jamie, Isa, and I to the top of the world in Laguna Beach, and jesus hell was this amazing. So inspiring, so beautiful, the view was incredible, even though it was evening, just seeing the dark ocean only a few miles away, standing next to multi-multi-multi million dollar homes, including the famous Wave House which we also saw. Eye opening, jaw dropping, and breath taking... I can't describe the emotions that have been flowing through me on this entire 6 day journey, it's life changing for me, because this is where I belong :) Thanks Kris for showing us around!

After this, we took a train to San Diego, where I lived for about 6 months with my ex-girlfriend Rose. We saw Jamies friend, and picked her up from USD- University of San Diego. Holy shit, this college is amazing, and fucking huge, surprised I never went and looked at it before... We went to Fashion Valley Mall, which is right where I lived with her, definitely an overwhelming feeling, once again, insanely nostalgic. I saw Rubios where I ate every single fucking day with her, I saw Dlush where I would get a smoothie every single day, I even saw the MAC counter in Nordstroms she worked at... I miss San Diego so much... Reminds me of when things were so easy, so right, ugh, almost overwhelming thinking about how I have been starting over... I was with her for three god damn years, okay, enough reminiscing, haha. Anyways, I would much rather live in Hollywood or Beverly Hills anyways.

Overall, this trip has brought me even to a higher point, a deeper feeling of what needs to be done. I am going to speed up this process, I am going to make a shit load of money and get my ass back to where I belong, and make all of my investors uber-rich, including myself. Persevere, work hard, the money follows. I feel it all, I feel it coming. When I fix myself, and get back on my feet, and clear away my problems, true happiness will follow. Hopefully a beautiful ladys pops up along the way, I could use a pretty girl :)

Just a rant about the trip, I wrote this entire thing on the plane ride back in just a few minutes, not going to proofread either, just going to post right when I land, hope you enjoyed!

<3 Andrew Fashion