Delayed. But Here Goes Nothing.

Let's start with a critic why don't we? "The Social Network" The one question I asked myself before entering the theater was this. "How accurate is this movie going to be?" I obviously know every movie is going to be glamourized and Hollywood'ed up, that's a given. But how accurate is the information going to be? I came across this on IMDB, which states this:

"Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, and David Fincher, the director, insist that the film is very accurate. Sorkin has even said that it is not fictional at all, merely dramatized. Much of the film is based on testimony given at a number of depositions related to the lawsuits brought by Eduardo Saverin, the Winklevoss twins, and Divya Narendra. To this extent, the film might be considered very accurate. However, as the character Mark points out in the film, people do lie in depositions."

Believer Zuckerberg, or believe Sorkin, I leave that up to you. On to my quick critic and rant about the movie.

It's hard to admit, but I am willing to admit, no movie has ever drawn me in, made me envious, jealous, excited, motivated, and anxious. Whether it's entirely true, or an entirely fictional, this movie had me drawn in, my eyes were at a constant fixation to the screen, trying to anticipate what was going to happen.

Seeing a "nerd" who was actually running legitimate linux commands, and writing real PHP code, and watching how he stole all of the images from Harvard, and how he marketed to the students, was absolutely genius. E-mail of course... Who would of thought. Simple, but after seeing his idea of exclusivity and then e-mailing and letting only Harvard students in, to connect with each other. Ugh, could it be any more simple, yet so powerful? The first version of was incredibly simple, no AJAX, it wasn't complicated PHP, it wasn't a complicated marketing formula, it just did what it needed too, and it worked. Less is more, Facebook & Google are now proof, two companies founded based on such a simple concept ended up being the biggest internet companies in the world.

One thing I seriously have a huge objection to is the lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins, and I would seriously like to know your opinion on the matter in the comments below. I don't think the Winklevoss should of got a single dime, a settlement of 65 million dollars because Mark Zuckerberg led them to believe he was going to help them, but disappeared for 42 days and "stole" the idea? So what if he stole the idea, that is where ideas come from, other ideas, which are then expanded, and re-created into our society. So the Winklevoss twins got jealous because he could actually program the site himself and didn't help them out... Well that's their fault for trusting someone immediately with "their golden idea." They should of hired someone else since Zuckerberg kept flaking out, that's how programmers are. Learn to use a NDA and CNC (Non-compete agreement), Mr. Harvard Grads. My mothers ex-husband and my current business partner always reminds me, don't forget NDAs and Contracts, have everything on paper. I wonder why? I guess their stupidity of trusting someone with their golden idea and no paperwork paid off though. Suing in America pays off with great dividends. Next time someone steals my idea, remind me to "Sue them in federal court!"

Rating: 11/10

It's made me rethink a lot of things now. I am pulling back on a lot, and am starting to realize less is really more, it really is. Then you roll out additional feature sets.

On with the show.

Okay, so a few things are in motion right now. I haven't really kept anyone up to date with everything that's going on, so here goes. Brace yourself.

Let's start with BEMODEL.

Some of you might not know, but I raised $125k in January for BEMODEL. We ran into a few difficulties launching everything accordingly. The complexity of our site set us back, and our designer made us 4 months late. I learned a lesson, a really big lesson which is actually common sense, but I won't ever make this mistake again to trust somebody. Never pay someone up front until they have completed the job. I trusted him, and was to understanding and lenient with every excuse he kept giving me, which inevitably led to constant missed deadlines, our missed launch date, and didn't give us time for revisions, so I had to hire a new designer to fix everything. Me being nice led to incredibly unstructured system, 4 months of missed time, and more money spent on my development team than needed.

So what do I do? Am I bitching, am I pointing fingers? Yup, sure am, pointing the finger right at me. I knew better. I knew better from the get-go. I have already begun the process of fixing everything, and the new BEMODEL will be live and ready to go before the end of the month. I lost 4 months of time because of my mistakes, so I am doing my best to catch up really quick, and get this going. I had to dig a few dollars into my pockets, but that's okay. Not every launch or business is perfect right away. It's the name of the game.

Now for Women Chase Men.

I decided to dabble with Affiliate Marketing since there is so much hype in the industry. I decided to write my own dating product, I put everything I know into this book, it's 31,000 words, and 150 pages, completely written by me, 100% my material, my knowledge, and everything I personally know about women. Do I follow my own advice all the time, hell no, but if I did, I would have triple the women I have now.

The book is the god to honest method of getting women to be fixated over you, to fall in love with you, and to ultimately chase you. It is real, and it is everything I know. I am not trying to sell it to you, but it really is some good shit. Here is the landing page I created:, and if you enter your e-mail address, you can see the sales page I created.

I raised $3,000 for this project, with one investor on this project, and a total of 4 JV's (Joint Ventures) now. With over 4 million e-mails from my JVs. My own access to 25 million targeted e-mails, this is bound to be a successful launch. I am launching this product in the next week. If you are an affiliate, and interested in promoting my product, please click here.

What Else?

Young & Stupid: The Story of How I Made And Lost 2.5 Million Dollars

Well, there is a lot more actually. I have other projects, and things in movement. My book Young & Stupid is almost done, and will be available on February of 2011, and in book stores by May of 2011.

The book is how I made 2.5 million dollars, lost it all, went into incredible debt, lost everything, and how I picked myself back up, including my companies, and how I made half a million dollars after losing everything with not even a penny in the bank. Quite the interesting read actually.

Million Dollar Duo & My Photography

I've decided to get back into photography, does anyone remember Andrew Fashion Photography? I am going to be filming my new show Million Dollar Duo with my partner Jamie Jones, our lives in LA, all of our business deal, our photoshoots, everything, and just showing the Entrepreneur life I live on YouTube. Weekly episodes.

Backpacking in Asia

I am going backpacking in Asia for one month, Nov 15th - Dec 15th. I am starting in Malaysia, and visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Why? For a life experience, and to video blog about something different and interesting.

Sports Bikes

I got my first sports bike, a 1998 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6, it's pretty awesome. I am already trying to sell it to pick up a newer bike, probably a Ducati. It's my first sports bike ever, and I have never ridden a bike before in my life. I tell people I have ridden a dirt bike before, which I have... Once... Don't want people to think I'm dumb for buying a bike without any prior experience. Took me about 6 hours to learn, and started passenger riding the 2nd day, and went on the highway as well. It's pretty addicting, and the most amazing feeling ever. It feels 100% natural now. And no, I am not an idiot, I don't race, carve between cars on the highway and try to show off, and yes I wear my helmet. This bike has 8,500 original miles, I guess? It's cold blooded as hell, and I have to use the choke every single time to start it, and warm it up for five god damned minutes which is actually super annoying. Hopefully a carb tune up will fix this? I am not bike smart yet.


I honestly don't know what else right now, except for... If anyone is looking to work together, or do business together, I am always looking for new opportunities to invest in, or other investors who are looking to invest my ideas. My partner and I are working on a lot of big ideas, so if you're interested in making money, contact me through this website.