Dirty Envy

I guess this is something worth sharing. One of my best friends from elementary school has just enrolled into the military about a year ago. He has always wanted to be successful like I was, and make money like I did. He has always wanted to do projects with me, and so forth. Of course there wasn't, and not much I could really do since most people don't do what I do on the internet. Everyone I know wants to be like me because of what I have done, they think they can just hop on board, and just start making money from the internet. I am not trying to be cocky or flatter myself, but it's something I have noticed from most individuals that approach me with an idea. (Anyone can do anything, I am just saying people that I know always pitch an idea like I want to build a website with you, let's do it!) Now that my old friend is in the military, he's bigger, he is more arrogant and cocky than ever, and basically has his head up his ass. He has always been a mean person inside actually, but this just made him even more mean now. I know they say the military changes people, but not for the better apparently. It's hard for me to respect someone who uses the military as a crutch, and he constantly uses it against me saying he is a "better" person, and that I have done nothing with my life except FAIL? Now just a few days before he had to depart to Afghanistan, and right after our GET RICH and move to Los Angeles dreams, he found out he got his girlfriend pregnant. Now they are married. (Now I am sorry, I can understand where some of his anger comes from) Well let's recap the conversation he had with my friend Jamie Jones about me.

Okay, let me explain how the positive like myself think, and how the 9-5 negative think. A few notes before I explain what is going on here. Before he departed to Afghanistan, we hung out back in March, so about 9 months ago. He constantly said when he gets back he will have a lot of money, and he wants to start a company and invest together, and I said Okay, deal." We were pretty close friends, but we have definitely had our share of bumps in the road with women. Not really small bumps either. But, we just let bygones be bygones. Over the course of the next 9 months he would casually call me and Facebook chat me from Afghanistan throughout the months, just chit chatting back and forth about life, investing, and how everything is out there.

Anyways, let's get into this conversation so I can explain my side...

So finally, around Jaunary 1st, maybe a little earlier, he decided to start being a dick to me, out of nowhere. And on January 7th, he had this conversation with Jamie.

*1. This one is simple... "this kid has turned str8 bitch." Okay so maybe I am sick of his pessimistic bullshit chats on Facebook about being realistic in life, and his arrogant attitude towards me, so yes, I stopped talking to him as much, and was short with him. Naturally this is what happens when someone starts to constantly be a negative asshole towards you. So "Name Hidden", get a grip, and stop thinking you're tough shit because you can throw grenades and shoot rocket launchers.

*2. "Rich ideas" huh? What is wrong with rich ideas? What is wrong with ideas of becoming successful. Sounds like we have a classic case of hypocrisy. I could of sworn 9 months ago, he was all about getting rich and moving to LA with me. Weird.

*3. Never worked a hard day in my life? Oh just because I didn't go through boot camp like him, or work a landscaping job, I haven't worked hard? I know that's how he's looking at it. There is two different working systems in America, working harder physically, or working smarter. I prefer to work smarter. Who built every single website for this kid to try and help him make money? I did? Who loaned him $2,000 for rent (yet to be paid back), who bought him a car to use for 6 months to help him out? I did. Never worked a hard day in my life? I have sat in front of the computer 1000x more hours than you learning how to program and build websites while you sat on your ass and played World of Warcraft, and logged over 100 days of play time. Once again, get a fucking grip.

*4. How many times have I failed? How much money have I blown? You're absolutely right? “I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong” -- Benjamin Franklin bitch. “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -- Colin Powell. He is trying to tell me to give up because I have failed? Okay, that sounds logical, let me go find a cardboard box real quick. The money part is absolutely correct, I blown millions, want to read the story on how and why? Young & Stupid: How I Lost My Millions. It's a classic story of making too much money too fast at a young age and not being financially educated.

*5. He then proceeds to attack Jamie because his father has made millions, and then tell him he will "probably fail just like him." Not only has this kid learned how to throw grenades at enemies, but now he knows how to throw them at his own old best friends, cool. You're right we could fail, I could fail, I could mess up again. Doesn't mean I am going to give up. I will never give up, and lose my rich ideas.

I feel bad for you "Name Hidden", I really do, that's why I only tried to help you, and was willing to build a company with you. You told me you didn't know what to do next so you enrolled in the Military like most people do who have no direction. I am not saying there is anything wrong with the Military (well that's a whole different story), but when you use the Army as a "I am better card" on me, like you have grown up to be some super-god, you can go fuck yourself. You are no better than anyone, nor did the Army make you a better person. Your last resort was this, and when you found out you got your girlfriend pregnant, and now having a kid. It probably didn't help your dreams of investing with me and going to LA. Now you're stuck in Afghanistan throwing grenades, while you see me doing something that you wanted to be apart of. You did this to yourself, don't fucking throw it on me.

I don't usually like being an asshole, and most people know me to be to nice, but this is the last time I'll let you belittle me like this. The only reason I responded to this conversation is to hopefully help you out, and show people how negative 9-5 workers are willing to give up so easy on their dreams. Entrepreneurs never give up.

This actually inspires me to see that I have a hater, and how he thinks I'll fail :)