First Day Without Facebook

It has actually been incredibly relieving not having to stalk people on Facebook, haha. Although I am having other issues right now, ugh... Why do I have to care about people, it's sooo annoying... I just want to not like women, I just want to be single, and work my ass off, but women always seem to end up in my life, how do I get rid of women! Anyways, my goal is 30 days without Facebook. Anyways, I have been growing my hair out for 10-11 months now, and have had 3 bad haircuts where they chopped off A LOT of hair, so heres why my hair is so far.


So heres the problem, I am debating on growing it out or cutting it back to a short fohawk, or even possibly buzzed. Everyone says I look goofy with long hair... O well, who cares right?

I been working a bunch on closing a deal with an investor for Drivable and beModel, I have the beModel executive summary written up, projections, expenses, bio, charts, powerpoint, etc... If anyone is interested in investing in beModel, or just want to see the presentation, let me know.

I am going to be working on 520Venture (might be renaming it soon) and Andrew Fashion Photography as well, since I now have 8 extra hours of free time a day due not having a Facebook. HAH!

My goal is to move by March or April of 2010 (6 months) back to Los Angeles, I really dislike where I live, I dislike my house, I want to sell it as soon as the market gets a little better and I can actually make a few bucks off my house. That's being a little negative, I guess I just LOVE Los Angeles a lot more :).

I am in the middle of reading 3 books, halfway through all three, I am so friggen A.D.H.D. I can't just stick with one book, well sometimes when I have a girlfriend I can focus, weird... I remember when I was with Rose, I could focus so well, well a lot better that is... But now, my brain is like a naked chimpanzee running around in a forest? I can't focus, always mad, always sad, always need something to do... It's driving me nuts.

Well I guess that's all I can really rant about for now... Seriously going to try to blog EVERYDAY for all 30 days I do not have Facebook :)

Much Love, Andrew Fashion