How beModel Came To Life

So my partner Jamie Glamour and I have been friends for quite some time now, and it's quite interesting how we met. We met through his father, his father and I were working a proposed idea/deal, that would cost in the $xx,xxx amounts of dollars to do, but we ended up not doing the deal for various reasons. He heard about my success story, and I heard about his, so naturally we kept in touch. Shortly after, I did a few photo shoots for them as nice gestures for his TV show crew called "Streets On Fire TV." After that, Jamie and his father Prophecy fell in love with the photos, and we just became closer and closers, and ended up becoming friends. Now there were a lot of times Prophecy and I tried to work a deal together, but none of them ever happened for whatever reason one of us didn't want to do it, or just wasn't interested in whatever it was. That's business, sometimes one party is interested, and the other isn't, just have to find the right person for the job. Three years later, my buddy Jamie and I came up with an idea. An idea that would revolutionize the industry I was in, and what he was about to get into. Photography and modeling. Jamie and I were bouncing ideas back and forth, domain name ideas, etc... And finally the name came up,


I forgot to mention, Jamie and I have been dying to work together on a project, cause we had exactly the same vision in life, I have never met someone with the same ambition as me, someone who craves money and fame as bad as me. Someone who is willing to risk it all, and is basically just as stubborn as me when it comes to getting a job. So it was almost like a perfect match (in a non-gay way) that we were meant to do business together. So anyways, we came up with the name, some incredible ideas, but it wasn't just that easy, we had to get moving on the idea. We came up with the idea right when I moved back from Los Angeles in August of 2008, and we started moving fast. We built a basic executive summary, a complete flow chart of how the site would be laid out, we spent hours in Starbucks.

After getting the basic building blocks in place, the idea, the flow chart, basic projections, a short executive summary, we hit up the first investor that came to mind. We have been trying to work out a deal for a few years now, so I figured I would hit him up with this idea. Prophecy loved it, he just wanted a little more information, so we hit Starbucks up and fixed up our numbers, our summary, and went back to him. He liked it, but he still wanted more details, so I basically gave the motivational speech, and my hardcore sales pitch, and he loved the ambition, and the drive from us. We raised $17,000 from him, and I invested $8,000 of my own. Jamie and I worked our fucking asses off for months, we hired a foreign company out of India to save us approximately $20k. Probably one of the worst decisions I could of made, haha, it was definitely a learning lesson working with people you can barely talk to, can't speak over phone, and have to stay up from 11PM till 8AM every single night just to talk to them. I've been in the web development industry for quite some time now, so I figured I'd be able to lead them pretty well, but it was definitely a frustrating challenge to say the least.


Jamie and I worked our asses off working with these asians from India, their english was horrible, but we managed to get through it with roughly over 200-300 emails back and forth, hundreds of instant message conversations, and 12 months of them working on it, way to long, but they just couldn't get it right, that's the only reason it took so long. They set us back big time, and didn't even complete the job how we wanted it, we basically lost our ass on the $25k investment, but managed to pull through.

Jamie and I actually flew to Orange County, California to seek other investors, they were the touch and feel type of investors, they loved the idea, but they want to be able to touch and feel it, aka Real Estate. We actually met and hung out with Corbin Bleu, and various other celebrities. There is always still a possibility, they loved the idea, but here is a quick recap.

When we took the site public on May 1st of last year, we managed to get approximately 15,000 users signed up, and then our database crashed. They didn't implement quality security, sql queries, or database functionality by any means. We had to have them restructure all of the SQL queries... But we pulled through and regained as many users as we could after the database crash. Since the site wasn't to our expectations at this point, we decided to stop marketing for the time being until we get another investor so we can revamp the entire site with our "secret features" and a complete redesign. This is the point we are at right now, we are seeking investors, check out my blog post "Seeking An Investor For Up To $330k."

Right now beModel is sitting great, stable, and growing slowly since we haven't done any marketing since May. We are waiting to close with an investor, to take this to another level, and trust me, we have the ideas, the potential, and the marketing strategies in place. It would only benefit you greatly (if you are an investor) to contact us and invest in beModel, I can promise you that.

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Jamie Glamour & Andrew Fashion are here to change the world, it doesn't stop at beModel. It starts with beModel, and ends with Casinos, Hotels, & Nightclubs. Just watch.