Inspiration- What am I looking for?

It's talented people like David Lehre who seriously inspire and drive me. I've never even heard of k-pop until checking out his latest videos, his filming and creative direction is just absolutely insane. I've been following this very talented guy since he was making videos back in 06, and he won the MySpace video contest. Then he blew up and got noticed by large corporations, and now he's living in LA living the dream doing what he's passionate about. It's people like him who inspire me even more than I already am. Check out his amazing newest video:

This is what he says about his new video:

"I'm also very excited to show off my new music project to you-- We spent 3 days of shooting, 3 months of editing and $100,000 worth on the Music Video. The goal of this project is to bridge the Gap between American and K-Pop music and start bringing a new style to America + the world. Check out my debut Music Video, Chad Future - Hello feat. Jeremy Thurber, Below!"

He's definitely one of my favorite film makers, and I hope to meet and hire him to do a music video for one of the artists I'm working with. He definitely got me addicted to this K-pop stuff, hah.

Now for some rants:

Madeon is amazing, check out his tracks on YouTube.

It's Saturday night, and I'm not doing anything but watching my buddies girls. It's my last weekend in Vegas before my big move.

I still don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween. I'm thinking Eric from True Blood.

I just watched "The Devil's Advocate" for the first time, pretty awesome movie.

David Lehre just re-inspired me to find something I'm passionate about, and just fucking live for it, do it, enjoy it, own it. Be it.

Ben Baller is a baller. I need to take a photo of my essentials.

I was suppose to go to Thailand for two weeks in November, looks like I have to push that back.

I drank at least 6 bottles of water today.

Step it up, and permanently delete your Facebook. If I don't login for 4 more days, it's gone forever. They give you 14 days, so if you don't login for 14 days, then they delete it. (This is not deactivate, this is permanent delete)

My current songs that I'm constantly looping: Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me, Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up, Chris Brown - 2012, Madeon - Icarus, Madeon - The City, 2NE1 - I Love You

Got my ass kicked at Big Deuce, Scrabble, and Monopoly by my buddies Girlfriend. And I thought I was the king at those games :(

Bought my first handgun, Springfield XDM .45 cal 5.25"

I'm trying to find something I'm passionate about. I have all this hunger, all of this drive, all of this desire, being ADHD makes nothing EVER enough, it's the disease of us people ADHD, nothing is ever enough. But what is all this desire for? To build SkyScrapers, for fame, for money? For what, ya that's great, but it's meaningless if I can't even find value. What the fuck am I missing? I'm 50% there, but I still feel empty. I'm not looking for sympathy, and I don't think I'm depressed, but I'm missing something. And I can't figure it out. Fuck.