Is The Law Of Attraction Real?

If you have ever seen The Secret, you might be a believer, or you might be a skeptic, or you might just think the entire theory is bullshit. Whatever you think is your opinion, but if you don't believe, I am just going to probably think you're in general a negative, pessimist, or maybe you call yourself a "realist." Either way, all of them are words that stop you from dreaming, believing, that you could reach your potential. Let me tell you my experience with the Law Of Attraction, and why I believe it's insanely true. Buddha even said this:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.

The Law Of Attraction is a theory that says, what you think, what you feel, is what you become, you attract what you constantly think, what you constantly believe. If you are constantly feared, constantly worried about debt, constantly worried about failing, and never making it, if you constantly think you are okay where you are in life, and you are doing okay. Your trapping your mind, and blocking any way out to reach greater, you are attracting what you feel and think, you will just become and attract what you think to yourself. If you think about debt, your asking for more debt. Simple enough right? Now that you have a grasp of the law of attraction, let me tell you my story. If you read my previous personal/inspiration blogs about my life story, you may have a small idea of what happened to me and how the law of attraction played a role in my life.

nyhouse (This is my house, custom painting, furnishing, carpets, blinds, etc....)

Ever since I was middle school, the entrepreneur came out, it came out of no where, I honestly don't know where it came from, but I loved building websites for myself, and even back in middle school, I enjoyed building websites and giving my viewers free content and tutorials to help them out, I have always been a helper, always. My goal even when in middle school was to build a very big website and get a bunch of traffic. I even started a skate company called "IS2S" with a close buddy of mine, and we made enough cash to buy our own boards and sell them at skateparks, I have always been a business man, and I started young, all on my own. It was just in me, I just did it, it came from inside of me, no one else. My mother worked full time, and I have never had a father, I just wanted to build my own success. By freshman year in high school, I discovered PHP/MySQL programming, and the possibilities of generating revenue on the internet from Google Ads. I started building Photoshop help websites, and humor video websites. I figured out how to get traffic to them, and started making small amounts of money from them, $5-$50/day depending how well it did. All my friends in high school always commented on how I was a genius, how I would be rich, only because I could build websites, and program in HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL, it's funny how the programming image carries genius in it. Actually, it's part true, every programmer I've met is part genius to be honest. But I consider myself different, I am not some amazing genius programmer, yes, I got good, pretty good, but no where near the best. What was inside of me is called desire, ambition, and drive, it was so incredibly fierce, it drove me to keep doing what I do and to never give up, I built websites from grade 6 up till now and have never stopped. With my friends constantly telling me I was going to make it big, my mindset eventually believed it, literally. I specifically remember my really ex-close friends Wes Walker and Ben Hoffer telling me how rich I would be. I believed it, and kept trying and fucking trying to make money off the net, I eventually worked with a really good friend of mine Michael Bale to help with me with my Photoshop websites.

Michael Bale and I dropped out, lived in my mothers basement, and snuck out in the middle of the night to his mothers house to pursue our website internet business, laugh out loud, how pathetic right? But it wasn't apparently, him and I did pretty well, we would top $150 on some days, some days only $20. His mother wasn't to happy with us, so we ended up moving back to my mothers basement. Mike and I didn't give up, we kept going at it, and eventually my mothers husband said we had to pay rent, so we moved out to our first apartment at age 17 with the permission of my mother, Mike and I kept going at it barely making rent, BARELY making rent from GOOGLE ADS! I had a vision, I kept going and going, and kept trying my hardest to make money off the internet, we even came up with other ideas, but they never worked! So we would go back to Photoshop and Humor websites, we went through so many domain names, it was insane. Six months later, Mike and I split up for whatever reason, and I moved to a new apartment, and Curtis Bernall ended up living with me. Keep in mind, I never lost faith, for some reason, barely making it, and all of my failures didn't discourage me, I am amazed at how disciplined with how much I worked on my websites, but how bad I did in school, lol. I hated school.

And then it happened, November 2005, my new website blossomed. I made millions. From freshman year up until dropping out senior year, I had the mindset of making money on the internet, and never let go of it, my friends believed in me, my mother did, and I never lost hope. I wanted it so bad, it happened, I followed the path of Photoshop websites, but that wasn't what made me millions. I was on the right path, but it took me a different direction, and it ended up prospering. The law of attraction is real, this is no coincidence, because all the facts line up, the problems that came with it, the positive outcomes that prospered were all in alignment with how I felt, and how badly I wanted it. I attracted what I wanted because I never lost sight.



It's probably a good idea you read my blog on my depression to get an idea of the mindset I was in to see how the negativity affected my life. Just read this article, Young & Stupid: The Story Of My Depression. After I started making money, literally, the day I saw my revenue increase, I started worrying that night about how this can't be real. Every single day, week, and month for two years straight I was worried about losing it all, literally. I worried about my site dying, losing traffic, losing money... Your thoughts are what you become. All of my negative thoughts led it all to come true. June 2007, my life changed again, and I lost it all. My site started dying, I fell off of the Google charts, and it progressively got worse.

Negativity is a trap, it traps you from finding a way out, it locks you in. If you say I can't afford it, if you say "I need to be frugal, and live below my means," you're saying I don't deserve better, I don't deserve abundance, I'll have what I have forever... Rather than saying, I need to find a way to live life to the fullest. I know there are moments where you can't help it, but if you can try to be 90% positive, 10% negative, if you can constantly think about what you want, and how you can make it, you will find a way, trust me. I can guarantee that. The law of attraction worked both times, my thoughts got me where I wanted, and my thoughts got me straight back to the bottom.

My Question To You

Do you believe in it? Do you have experiences that you realize you have attracted that got you to your current state? Can you see how it's real? I invite you to buy the book or DVD called "The Secret," and give it a quick watch, and let me know what you think. I agree 100% with the theory in every single way, as cheesy as it may sound, or the DVD may be to you, it's inspirational, it's true, and it's real.

Remember if you haven't attracted what you want is because your thoughts must be in alignment with how you feel. Attraction is all about timing. You must feel what you want on a level beyond anything. You need the driving force behind you. Feel it on every level. Go for it, stop dreaming, start reaching.