Mac OS X vs Windows 7

Now, I am not some Apple expert yet, but I have been in the computer industry for quite some time now. All aspects of it, hardware, software, networking, programming, and of course the internet. I have been a computer nerd at heart my entire life, and it will never change, I couldn't live without a computer, as simple as that. Desktops, gadgets, laptops, monitors, printers, they all tickle me happy. Weird? I grew up on Windows, from day one, which was approximately 4th grade, so 11-12 years ago? I got into web design in 6th grade. So about 10 years ago, I got into my programming phase, and ever since I have been addicted. So I am going to be giving you my insight from the transition from Windows to Mac OS X.



Like I said, I have been using Windows for years, just recently I transitioned over to Mac OS X, just about 8 months ago, in May of this year. Now don't get me wrong, Windows is a great operating system, well now it is. Linux, and Mac OS have always been more stable than any Windows operating system before Windows Vista. They finally stepped it up and fixed a lot of compatibility issues with Vista, it took some time before Vista even picked up, Service Pack 1 fixed a lot of the Vista issues. Now Windows 7 is out, and now Windows actually feels like a stable operating system, all this time while Mac OS X and Linux have been superior. I just didn't have the balls to switch. Unfortunately Windows has the entire market share, why? Because Bill Gates sold his operating system giving other manufacturers the ability to preload their systems with Windows. Steve Jobs didn't, Steve Jobs kept Mac OS X to himself, and only himself, Mac OS X could only be purchased from his store on his hardware, a totally different marketing strategy, exclusivity.

Positive notes on Windows:

  • Huge market share, 90% or higher; meaning more available software
  • Drastically cheaper prices; Desktops & notebooks
  • More options; sizes, colors, styles, the list goes on (I'm talking physical hardware appearance, cases, colors, styles, etc...)
  • Available software and devices; more software, and more hardware

I hate to say this, but after being addicted to windows for 11 years, and recently switching to Mac OS X, it's hard to find the upsides in Windows anymore. Do you know how much time has been saved switching to Mac OS X? How much productivity has increased? It was definitely worth the price to me. Sure I can pick up a pretty solid comparable laptop for $1000 instead of the $1700 I paid for my 15.4" MacBook Pro. But like they say, you get what you pay for.

Windows does in fact have a lot, and I mean A LOT more available software, and hardware like I stated above. What I use to get a lot from people, and still get from Windows geeks, is that Windows is more customizable, more complex, and you can do more. These people are ignorant, and have no idea the capabilities of what Mac OS X is able to do. Windows just has more software to tinker with your UI, and settings, but Mac OS X has a pretty damn sufficient list of available software, and is definitely increasing by the month.

With the launch of the iPod, iPhone, and new MacBook's and iMac's. Apple is definitely gaining the exposure it needs, especially for being exclusive only. You cannot just pick up an HP, Gateway, Dell, Aspire, Acer, etc... Their are hundreds of manufacturers pumping out Windows machines, while Apple is just Apple, and will ALWAYS be that way no matter what.

So to end on a light note with Windows, Windows works, but not like Mac OS X, whether you are just browsing the web, printing documents, a designer, a video editor, a business man, whatever. Mac OS X in my opinion can handle anything and everything better than Windows. Windows gets frustrating installing software, dealing with drivers, dealing with updates, and oh my god, Virus' and Spyware is a totally different situation... Ever since my Mac OS X, I have not once had to deal with a virus or spyware infection, I don't even have Virus/Spyware software installed on my fucking Mac, hah. I guess that wasn't necessarily a light note. Oops.

PS. Someone in Windows' defense one time told me Windows can compile code, and Mac OS X can't... Are you an idiot, of course Mac OS X can compile code, just not C++, rawr!

Mac OS X

So I made the switch like I said, about 8 months ago, and it's been nothing but amazing. The day I picked up the MacBook Pro, I fell in love at first with their new TouchPad, omg... The TouchPad alone is worth the $1700 I paid for the laptop. The new TouchPad is a multi-touch gangster TouchPad, and can literally tell how many fingers you are swiping or clicking with. It makes browsing the web, reading emails, switching desktops, switching applications, a fucking breeze.

So, Mac OS X. Drivers? Viruses? Spyware? Compatibility issues? Application conflicts? Driver conflicts? Missing .DLL files? Ummm, they simply don't exist... I plug something in, it works. I download or buy software, all you have to do is drag a big ass icon to your application folder, and you're done. It just works. The fluidity, simplicity, and complexity of Mac OS X, is simply ingenious. The designers, developers, and innovators of this Operating system (OS), deserve a good 'ole pat on the back. Seriously.

Simplicity and complexity, what do I mean? The simplicity the OS displays to the user on the front end is amazing, it's easy to use, it's the most common sense to use front-end design I have ever seen, it just works. Now this is annoying to most Windows users at first, I can hear them saying "it's just to simple." This is where they give up, and I did too a few years ago, I attempted to use Mac OS X, but I gave up a month in. Wish I didn't... The complexity lies underneath when you dig a little deeper, I mean, first of all, the system comes with Terminal, this might not mean much to some people, but the system is based off *NIX, FreeBSD I believe, correct me if I am wrong in a comment below. Based off Linux might not mean much to the average user, but lets just say it's more stable :), to programmers, server guys, like me, it means a lot. Terminal gives me the ability to SSH into other *NIX machines, and control them via command line, Terminal is basically gangster, haha, I won't waste anymore time in this article explaining what it is. The capabilities of Mac OS X, is unexplainable, I can't explain it, the OS is easy-to-use and can do anything and everything you would ever need with complete ease. I have never once had the machine freeze on me, spit a dirty error message at me, driver conflicts, nothing, nodda, zilch.

Positive notes on Mac OS X:

  • No conflicts; ever
  • Simplicity; the front-end user interface
  • Complexity; what you can do with the machine
  • Beauty; the machines look like a the most beautiful booty you have ever stared at in your life?


I highly recommend selling all of your Windows machines, growing some balls, and making the switch. Scared to lose your email, your Outlook, your Word, your documents? Fuck it, it all works on Mac OS X, you can have it all just as easily, stop being a pussy and switch now. Can't afford it? Save up, and do it. You won't regret it. Buy a MacBook Pro and an iMac, and your life will have been changed drastically for the better.

The simplicity, the complexity, the beauty of Mac OS X is absolutely breath taking, make the change. Trust me, you won't ever regret it. - Andrew Fashion