My Book Young & Stupid In Just 4 Months!

So I have been working my ass off on my book, I got really inspired to finally get my book going, and I have some great news. My book is going to be finished within 5 months or less!

The book title is "Young & Stupid: How I Made & Lost 2.5 Million Dollars" or it might even be "Young & Stupid: An Autobiography Of Andrew Fashion." I still haven't decided on the tagline, so any suggestions I am open for. I currently have some connections to some potential real publishers, but I am still seeking an agent or publisher.

If I don't find one, I will figure out a way to self publish this book myself :) I really wish I could show you the new cover, it's so fucking gangster looking. The book is a story of my life, from the beginning till now, where my drive came from, what inspired me, and how I made all of my money, my life experiences, and how I lost all of my money. And how I am currently on my way back to the top. It's to inspire, motivate, and give people ideas that you could easily do it too, and it's just overall kind of a fun story, at least I think so :) Everything in the book is absolutely 100% true, and I tell everything, every single detail of what I did and how it was done, etc...

To give you an idea of some of the chapter outlines, these will most definitely be changing as well, but just an idea, and I am expecting around having a 150 page standard size book. Chapter breakdown:

Foreword Introduction Chapter 1: The Beginning Chapter 2: Computers, Internet, & Video Games Chapter 3: IS2S; I Skate 2 Skate Chapter 4: Why I Dropped Out Of Highschool Chapter 5: Living Alone At Age 17 Intermission Part One Chapter 6: How I Made 2 Million At Age 18 Chapter 7: My First Love Chapter 8: You Don't Have To Be A Genius Chapter 9: The Birth Of Andrew Fashion Intermission Part Two Chapter 10: How I Lost It All Chapter 11: My Depression Chapter 12: Rising To The Top Intermission Part Three


Let me know your feedback everyone, suggestions, or anything is strongly appreciated as I am writing the book, and editing right now :)