My Image Progression From 2005 - 2010

So here is the progression of me, from 2005 to January 2010. I tried my best to get these photo in chronological order, some of these photos may be off by a month or two. This should give you an idea of my progression, and how I changed. Shaved head in 2006, started growing my hair out November 2008, and got it pretty long, ended up chopping it off November 2009. I am now growing my hair out again. I got my first set of tattoos January 2010. All I need to do is get back in shape :) which I am working on. It's really amazing seeing the progression I went through, all these years. 2005 I was broke, living on my own barely making it by, as a high school dropout. 2006 my life changed, and I became a millionaire before the age of 19. I went through my ups and downs, and my share of relationships. 2008 I met my first love, and lost her of course. 2008 I also declared my depression, and started seeking counseling. 2010 I am now rising back to the top.

2005 2005 August: Curtis & Myself towards right before I started making money

2006 2006 February: Purchased first car ever, 2006 BMW 330xi $49 cash

2006 March: Rose & I in Hawaii

2006 April: Me wearing my new clothing like; Perfection Apparel

2006 April 20th: Me when I rolled off I-70 into the mountains

2006 May: Hired 2Advanced to build for $120,000

2006 July: Rose & I in Disney World, Florida

2006 September: Around the time I got into photography

2006 November: Around when I got into photography

December 2007: Photoshoot w/ Michael Vincent

2007 March 2007: Met Jamie Jones

2007 July

2008 2008 July

2008 August: Vegas w/ Stella

2008 September: After my Abs Diet, and moving back to CO.

2008 November


2009 February

March 2009

August 2009

September 2009

October 2009

November 2009

December 2009

2010 January 2010

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