My Life (Back) In Colorado

Unfortunately I won’t have exact dates for this blog, as I haven’t been keeping track, but it goes like this. The Departure Rose and I left California, the City of Angels, somewhere around late June this year. I had no intentions or thoughts in my mind of moving back home, nor did she. We were simply driving my truck back to Colorado, to drop it off since it was becoming a burden in LA, and I decided to pick up a brand new Mini Cooper Sport (let’s not even go there — that’s a whole story by itself). Anyways, the drive was good, and we made it back to Colorado, I saw my friends, my mom, etc… She saw her friends, and we kind of just went our own way while out here. Long story short, something clicked in me where I finally realized I just couldn’t afford to live in LA anymore. Not even afford it for another week, literally… I was financially, and mentally incapable of living out there anymore, even though I loved LA. It was a big mess explaining this situation to her and her parents… But after they finally accepted it, she left, and she knew I was never going back, at least I am pretty sure she knew. I did however give her an offer/option of coming back home with me… But she denied it for reasons beyond this blog. It was tough, very tough… I’ve never gone through something like this, it was new to me. I was finally back home, I was in my own house I bought last year. I was away from my (ex-girlfriend), I was with my friends, what I was always missing when I was with her out in LA.

Back to LA Well as you know, all my stuff was still in LA with Rose. Ahh, just reminiscing on this is tough. I flew out there for about a week to stay with her, partly because she wanted it more then me, I just wanted to go get everything, and go right back home. I stayed out there for roughly five nights. My good buddies Jerrime, and Jamie drove my truck out to LA to meet me so we could rent a Uhaul and attach it to my truck. The loading process was annoying, but I think it took about 3 - 4 hours to get everything loaded up. I said goodbye, while she was crying, I felt emotionless, I couldn’t even shed one tear. Even though I cared, I just couldn’t show it for some reason. After a five minute goodbye, we finally got out of the building, and drove off.

The Vegas Stop

The drive was absolutely ludicrous. Driving with an 8 foot trailer attached to the truck definitely wasn’t getting us home any quicker. We arrived in Vegas 5 hours later and decided to grab a hotel. I lost a lot of money in Vegas on this trip, so let’s just move on.

Back Home & The Ending I am finally back home, with everything, almost everything… I got situated and finally decided the best way to end the relationship was with a hand written note to show that I actually put thought into it. Rather then just ending the relationship over the phone or something. I haven’t heard from her since. So that’s basically how it ended.

Where I Stand Now I’ve been to Vegas twice since the first stop on the way home, both time losing money, of course =D. It was fun, and I learned a lot, not to gamble, haha. I’ve been hanging out a lot with friends, partying, playing poker, and doing absolutely nothing, completely stupid. I honestly don’t know why, it’s like my drive fell apart. I set small goals, and never reach them. I can’t even stand the sight of a computer anymore. Programming, making websites, PPC/CPA, and internet marketing just seems to be the farthest thing from my mind now a days. I haven’t done a photoshoot in three months, I practically retired from shooting. I am running out of money, I have no income, my M6 is still in the shop, and I am going to London right before Thanksgiving, because it was 100% free. I did meet a girl, and that’s all I say about her right now… Don’t want to jynx anything.

It really is getting the point of I just might be fizzukked soon, but it’s okay, I always find a way, and always will. I see myself as something else — rather then being on the computer 24/7 working. I envision myself as an entrepreneur, real estate developer, or something like that. I’ll probably sell my M6 this upcoming summer for 50-80k depending on how much I can get. Perfect condition 06 M6, 5500 miles, 100% stock, rebuilt perfectly (didn’t go through insurance to get it fixed), it’s KBB is 80k. I have a business partner now, funding is in process, good news yes! Just no income from it right away, hah! At least it’ll finally get started! I have a partner on this project as well who funded the project, this will also be a very big project. But as goes with all new internet ventures, no income can be produced instantly.


Other Notes This was kind of a tough blog to compile, sorry if it’s blotchy or just plain ole’ sucks. I am going to try and post more updates and little tid bits here and there. I have a lot I am trying to do, when there are a lot of past problems I should fix first. It’s like I am just floating, trying to stay above the surface, even though I know I am going to sink. But as most of you know, I have the power to come back to life. Wish me luck in my endeavors, and I wish you all luck as well.

I’ll see you all in my new Hotels I plan to open across the world! Dreams are for dreamers, wanting it and setting out to do it is for winners.

Prepare for my triple wave. beModel, Drivable, and the Fashion Suites.