My New Loft

Here's a photo of the living room for now, I haven't finished the other rooms up yet, a lot of work left to do. I still need to get some tall bookshelf's and artwork which is really going to help complete the living room. I sold ALL of my furniture in Colorado, to buy all brand new stuff from Ikea. Ikea is fucking amazing, except you have to build it all yourself, which gets a little tedious. I also sold both of my TVs in Colorado, and got a new 59" Plasma, Plasma is better than LED as far as picture quality, deeper blacks, better refresh rate, and higher contrast ratios. The only downside to Plasma is it consumes a lot more electricity. And no, there is no BURN-IN anymore on Plasma's! The view is fucking awesome, unfortunately they're building the X-Games 1 block from me, so I cannot show off my view, but I can show off my X-games view, haha.

I'll get more photos soon of the other rooms, and my new car later.

The loft is nice, I like it a lot, I just want bigger, but I have to wait till I can afford it. Rent out here is ridiculous to get a nice modern looking place. You don't even want to know what I'm paying :). Even with all my bills I'm still able to save 10k/month though. Although not lately, I've spent almost $4,000 on BEMODEL just this month. The BEMODEL expenses are coming close to an end though, finally!

The reason I left Colorado, and decided to pay rent out here is because Colorado was just depressing me, I couldn't focus as well, I didn't like the people, and I just wasn't getting as much done. It was holding me back, badly. I've barely settled in out here, and have seen a 100% increase, and I haven't even released the "Ichigo" in me yet, haha. That's for the Anime nerds out there, probably the best Anime of all time, in my opinion.

I need some blog ideas, my brain is stumped on creativity because it's been so long since I've blogged, so help me out and give me some suggestions.

Oh I did an interview for this guy over here:

Thanks for reading.