What to talk about... Blogging is actually quite hard I am beginning to realize, lately at least... Only because I never blog anymore, so blogging almost feels like work, when it use to be enjoyable, lmfao. I found this new amazing genre of music, my partner Jamie Jones told me about, it's called "Naked" apparently. I'll include the entire CD he gave me below if you want to download it, I don't know any of the artists or track names, but the music is amazing. I love "Track 7," so make sure you jam to that, it's the ultimate work/relax music. Anyways, I guess the only cool news I can say right now, is I got back from a party at Richard Berry's house up in Evergreen. 35k sqft house, 30k sqft garage, owns a Bugatti Veyron 16.4, and about 50 other cars, 8 Lambos, and so many other vehicles... It was insane. His house was ridiculous! Here are a few photos:




Photography I finally got all of my equipment in, all Paul C Buff equipment, 1 Zeus 2500, 1 Zeus 1250, 3 flash heads, 1 ring flash, 5D Mark II, 24-70L, and that's it so far. Paul C Buff equipment is very affordable, and incredible quality for the price! I have a few shoots lined up, nothing extraordinary yet... But soon!

Business beModel is going well, getting ready to do some intense stuff next week to get the traffic soaring :). Really hoping to take bM to the next level here very soon. Also working on as well with another partner of mine, might have an investor here shortly.

Other Stuff I am working on a book called "Young and Stupid," it's going to be amazzzzing. I am trying to catch up on some reading, and getting back into skateboarding, dieting, etc... Reorganized my room, got my studio all setup, and now I ready to start shooting! Well that's it for now I guess ;/

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