Personal Power: Day 1

Okay, so I am going to attempt this process one more time. I have been an avid fan of Tony Robbins for quite some time, and I got a hold of his product called Personal Power II for free, it's a $299 product. It basically seems to be a huge audio set structured into one CD/MP3 for each day, one CD is about 1 hour long, and he gives you little tasks each day to perform to help you get back on track. This is something that could probably help me break my lazy cycle pretty quickly, it's 25 days long, and he's pretty strict. So I am going to do the course, outline what he basically says, the homework he assigns, and post the results of how I do. At the end of the 25 CD's, I will post my review on his product, and the results of how it helped me. I will also include a download link to each CD every time I post a blog on Personal Power.

Day 1

What He Says

So he basically starts the first CD by explaining his 30 day program, and how important is that you follow through, and do what he says. He's a very uplifting speaker actually. He then goes on by telling his success story in a little bit of detail. Then he explains the basics of his Ultimate Success Formula, which I outlined below. Then he proceeds to talking about how failure leads to success, he does a lot of explaining on the matters, and it all makes great sense, and I know these CD's only get better :). I included a few lines that he said, that I liked.

The greatest successes in the world are people who often had so much pain from failure, that it drove them to much greater success.

Knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power.

Definition of Power: The ability to act

Inspiration or desperation is what drives us.

Let frustration excite you. Frustration means you are about to learn something.

The Ultimate Success Formula

  • Step 1: Know your outcome; clarity is power
  • Step 2: Use it; get yourself to take action; decide to take action
  • Step 3: Notice what you are getting from your actions; are you on course?
  • Step 4: If it's not working, change your approach; just keep trying till you succeed
Homework Assignment

Think of 2 actions you been putting off, maybe it's a phone call or two, maybe it's just cleaning your house, maybe its homework, etc... Do 2 actions right now that could immediately change your life, even if it's just a little. Set a goal, immediately do something to start making progress towards it.

Actions 1. Clean my effing room 2. Do laundry


Okay, so I am going to go do this stuff right now, because he says so, haha. It's been sitting around for a very long time, time to get it done!

Success Journal

He says to start a success journal, and keep track of how you are doing, I'll just blog it :)

Day 1: Personal Power II - The Key To Personal Power Download: [download id="4"]