Personal Power: Day 2

Okay, I am on day 2, how exciting! If you don't know what this is about, I am taking Anthony Robbins Personal Power II course, you can see my results from Day 1 here. I had to skip quite a few days, because I have been blogging a lot, and I procrastinated a bit as well. There is no excuse anymore, after listening to day 2, I need to stop, he is really kicking it into gear now, and really helping me understand why we do what we do. Go ahead and check it out below, and go ahead and download day 2 if you register for my blog, you could also Facebook Connect and not have to register. You can see the Facebook Connect login on the right menu bar.

Day 2

What He Says

This track is really all about what makes us not take action, why do we procrastinate, he tells you his belief on it, which actually is absolutely correct. Pain vs Pleasure basically, and how we associate with it, and how are brain associates actions with it. Rather then me spill all the beans on it, go ahead and download the track.

Homework Assignment

1. Write down 4 actions that i need to take in my life that i been putting off 2A. Under each action, what is the pain that I associated in the past that kept me from taking action in the past. 3B. Under each action, What is all the pleasure I have gotten from not following through. 4C. Under each action, What will it cost me if I don't change for each action right now. 5D. Under each of these 4 actions, what will I gain from taking action right now.


1. Diet

  • A- The Pain) It's difficult, it's a lot of work to make 6 meals, it's a little expensive
  • B- The Pleasure) Didn't have to prepare 6 meals a day, more time to myself, didn't cost me as much $$$
  • C- The Cost) Gain weight, getting fatter, unhealthier, less attractive, feel shitty, depressed
  • D- The Gain) Motivation, instant results, feeling good right now

2. Workout

  • A- The Pain) It's a bitch, boring, stressful, not fun, annoying
  • B- The Pleasure) Time not spent doing it
  • C- The Cost) Get fatter, feel unhealthier, get weaker, feel less confident, depressed
  • D- The Gain) Motivation, feel better, look better, stronger, in shape and healthy

3. Building Various Websites

  • A- The Pain) It's a lot of work
  • B- The Pleasure) Saved a lot of time
  • C- The Cost) Never get exposure, don't make money, lose my programming skills
  • D- The Gain) Instant exposure, more traffic, more money, more connections

4. Photography

  • A- The Pain) The work, the time, the stress
  • B- The Pleasure) Saved a lot of time and stress and money
  • C- The Cost) Lose my skills, lose my connections, lose my hobby and passion
  • D- The Gain) Incredible image, possible connections and money, exposure, creating beautiful work, getting better at photography

Day 2: Personal Power II - The Controlling Force That Directs Your Life Download: [download id="5"]

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