Preparing, Planning, Goals

I know I have already posted something similar to this, but I want to remind myself and others about my to-do list, my goals, my plans. I have already hit a great majority of them as well, which is very inspiring to me. It was actually really weird, I opened my notebook I always dabble my life goals, short term plans, long term plans, etc... I have always been someone to write my plans and goals down, always. And I always map out or try to map out as well as I can to get my short-term and long-term goals.

For example, today, I looked at my 1 year long term goal to accomplish by next winter, and I already have nailed two of the big ones that will let me achieve my 1 year goal. My 1 year goal was to be back in LA with a beModel Investor on board, and have my house sold. I already have the investor, two of them now, and some other small things in their done leading to the sale of my house. It's like I write and think out my own future, it's awesome.

Just so I don't spill the entire list right now, I'll tell you my goals for the next year or two.

The goals for now ;)
  • Start the beModel Development ASAP
  • Launch the new amazing beModel Website
  • Start bringing a positive return within 12 months of launch.
  • Sell my house and cash out a little bit if possible in the current market (which; recent sales prove to be)
  • Be in LA before next winter
  • Buy a new house in LA
  • Invest in some commercial real estate