Ready for the pinnacle

What a month, so much work lately, literally. I have been working my ass off, sort of... Haha. Been working on two deals, trying to close a deal here shortly with beModel to get it moving faster. Been preparing an investor presentation, business plan, and so on. Hard shit I must tell you. I also picked up my new car, a used 2000 A6 4.2 Silver, with black interior. Not bad, got a decent price on it. Only $5,500, but it needs about 1-2k in work...

I've lost everything so far, sold everything, and now officially at my lowest point I have ever been in life. I only have my house left, and my cheap ass Audi that I just bought, I have no reserves left. Nothing to liquidate, couldn't walk with a dime from selling my house in this economy. So I wish myself luck, and hope everyone else does too. I have faith in my projects, and do believe strongly I will close this deal soon.

I have very big plans with beModel here shortly, if any one has advice or suggestions, let me know. Prepare for beModel to be in the top 1000 websites easily... We have big plans coming to beModel.