Seeking An Investor From $75k to $300k

So my buddy Jamie Glamour and I came up with an ingenious idea back in August 2008, a little over a year now. It's called, and that's not the ingenious idea, that's just the amazing idea, and amazing domain name. The ingenious part is what we have planned behind it, with just one more investment, we will not only revolutionize the industry, but change it forever. We have spawned so many creative ideas that will take to a level that is unheard of, breaking the top 1000 websites in the world ranked by It's a bit more complex than it seems actually, I can't just write our ideas down in this little blog, actually I can't tell our ideas to anyone! I'll just give you an idea of the possibilities, possibilities is actually an understatement. Let me see, potentials, nooo.... Let me just give you an idea of what can be earned with, and only Now if you read my older post "How I made 1.8 Million," it was evident that I was generating roughly $100-180k per month less expenses from, talk about dirty cash... Hah. will be making quadruple that, yes quadruple. $180k x 4 = $720,000 per month less expenses. $720k x 12 months = $8.6 millon a year, which makes potentially a multi-million dollar website. That is not factoring in other variables I have calculated. So my vision is to be breaking $1M per month. Is this possible, umm yes, very, and it will be done very soon. bemodel

My partners Jamie Glamour and Prophecy Onasis have already invested their part, and I have invested my part. To finish the project, integrate the new social media tools, integrate our "secret ingredients," and to perform our creative marketing and advertising strategies, we need a bare minimum of $75,000. A full investment would be $300k. I ask you, is it worth $75-$300k for 5% - 50% equity ownership of So if you were to give us $75k for, and you received 10% of the company, plus your $75k returned to you within 24 months, PLUS the monthly income of 10% of net profits every single month, in 24 months, we will be making roughly $300k/mo, 10% of 300k is $30k, so you would be making $30k every single month from your $75k investment. Can I guarantee this? I am 100% certain I can guarantee this. So essentially you will be getting close to or more than a 500% return on your investment. I am not using a calculator at the moment, so don't expect these numbers to be right on the dot. Not only will you be working with three amazing individuals who are skilled in this arena beyond belief, but you will also be working with creative, fun, determined partners. You will never meet anyone more determined than us. Ever.

I will include my bio & history along with the beModel Executive Summary for all you nosey people to take a look at. But if there is anyone serious out there who might have some cash tied up, or know of an investor who may be interested in the internet field, pass them this information and we will give you a small finders fee.

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