So, I Was Mentioned In A Book...

So, a few years ago, maybe three, I was interviewed by a lady. Her name was Julia Angwin, it was just a short interview, but interesting, she read a lot of my stories, saw the news, heard the rumors, and asked me about it all, and I have her the lowdown. Surprisingly enough, she actually published a 384 page book all about MySpace called "Stealing MySpace"... It's on Amazon, in book stores, all over the world. Crazy, not that me being mentioned in it gives me any sort of fame, it's just kind of neat, and inspirational to read actually. Here are the excerpts from her book if you are interested in seeing what was said, and believe it or not, you can actually search through the entire book on Amazon. Click the Amazon link, and go to "Search inside this book," and type my name "Andrew Thompson." But I went ahead and took the liberty of taking screenshots for you.

Excerpt #1


Excerpt #2


Well, I thought that was kind of neat, I just randomly found myself in a MySpace book, cute right? Let me know what you think! Comments are appreciated!