The Joker

Okay so I am not much of a Halloween guy, actually I haven't dressed up for Halloween in probably 4-5 years. But I ran into a tutorial video on how to do the makeup for The Joker, so I was like fuck ya, I wanna be The Joker. I am actually slowly wanting to become a Makeup Artist rather than a Photographer, LOL. Actually maybe I can just be both... Anyways, I decided to give it a test, and my buddy Jamie and I did the makeup for this, and him and I both did the lighting and photography, it was more of a test shoot.

Here's the makeup preparation: Joker Prep

(Click image for full size)

And here's the final shot: Joker Final

(Click image for full size)

Interesting I know... Going to do another test shoot since we learned a lot from our mistakes. Oh by the way, I couldn't last without Facebook more than a day... I got to bored, felt I had no communication with the outside world considering nobody ever calls or texts me :) and I am a loser, haha. That's it for now.