The New Andrew Fashion Blog

Welcome to the new Andrew Fashion Blog, basically now know as Andrew Fashion The Renovatio. Renovatio means "a total rebirth" in Latin. I feel it's time for a change, a new beginning, time to take my frustration and turn it around, I'm going to vent it all, and let it all out. I'm going to release my problems, my rage, my feelings, my anger, my frustrations, my happiness, my ideas (to an extent-- damn thieves), my passions, my brains, my no-brains, everything I have to say will now be publicly available. From my problems and frustrations to my knowledge, dangerous? Maybe? I can honestly only think of a few passions that I have anymore, I have a lot of interests, but only a few passions... passion

My Passions

1. Money 2. Success 3. Fame 4. Women & Sex

You may be wondering, why I don't have family in there, well I don't have a family I am close with, I have a mother I love, but I have always been the on-my-own type of a guy, and I do hope to build a family some day. Also, yes, women and sex, why fucking lie? This is my blog, I love women, and I love sex just like any man out there, so I might from time to time blog about it. I've been single for half a year now, let's spice things up. Now, I'm not saying I'm a slut, I don't just sleep around, and especially not with just anyone, but the simple fact is, I love women and sex. So in a sum, I will be blogging about money, success, fame, women, and sex.


My Interests

1. Photography 2. Technology 3. Trying to stay in shape 4. Media (Movies, Music, Games, etc...) 5. Reading

I do love photography a lot, but I don't feel it's my passion. I love technology, anything related to tech, toys, cars, games, tv's, computers, speakers, anything that you can turn on and off, haha. I am addicted to having the best of anything technology. I am also a Apple Boy now, MAC products fucking rock. So I might be blogging about MacBook Pro's and hacking iPhones for the nerdy side. I am a huge health freak at heart, I don't always follow my diet, but it is something I feel extremely strong about. I might be posting my diet results, diet tips, work out results, etc... From time to time I might be a critic, and review movies, games, and share new music I find. Now something I don't do enough of lately, is read, I notice I always read so much more when I have a girlfriend, but when I don't have a girlfriend, I don't read as much, annoying. I need to read more, but I love investing, business, self-help, motivational, biographies, etc... type of books.

So it's safe to say my blog niche would be personal, photography, tech, sex & women, money, and self-help/motivational type of material?

Mr Fashion signing out!