The new week

Things are absolutely perfect right now, I don't think life could get any better at this point, well actually it could. We have some very solid connections, and some major deals going through. Everything I have been striving for is finally coming. Download this song... Kajmir Royale - None of That. But anyways, let me show you what's up right now. IMG_1521 This is one of our beModel events we had, pretty fun.

Anyways, I mean besides everything being perfect, I guess I lied... Not everything is perfect actually, life is looking good though, it seems things are moving in the right direction... I don't really have any experience writing, and don't know how to put things in the proper order, but I'll try my best... It's true, I'll let everyone in on something that everyone probably already knows. I liquidated everything to pay off debt. We all make mistakes, and I made a big one. It's obvious, I hit a gold mine at age 17, and I was raised with no family practically, no father, and my mother worked 60 hour weeks, just myself... I spent my money foolishly, and now I am learning what it's like to be frugal, it sucks... I got a taste of the good life, can I win it back, of course I can, and it's actually on it's way... After liquidating, I am still dealing with the IRS, it's very very stressful actually... I've even considered bankruptcy, yup I just admitted it. I am not ashamed actually, because I learned something huge, something 90% of the population will never learn. It's why I am currently writing my book "Young & Stupid," actually, I might rename it to "Young & Ignorant," because that is exactly what I was, ignorant, I didn't know what I was doing, I just did. I did what I wanted, and it got me to the top, I did what I wanted, and it got me back to the bottom. Unfortunately for me, right after reading all of my education books on investing, real estate, stocks, hedge funds, whatever, I read it all, read way to much... So much, it feels like my brain could of exploded... It was to late...

The reason everything isn't perfect is because I am dealing with the IRS still, god I just can't wait to get it over with, and have enough money to just get it paid off... Working very hard to close this deal right now... I am almost certain everything should be fine, but I can't get my hopes to high until the dotted line is signed... I am sick of having to chauffeur everyone around, pay for parking downtown, and painfully enough to say, pay for 90% of everyone's food and drinks, it's horribly depressing that I let people continue to do this to me. So I decided to attempt to put my foot down, and not pick them up anymore, and let them find their own rides. Why do I continue to feel like an asshole when I tell people this? It's a small issue that's really turning into a big issue for me, it annoys the fucking shit out of me. I simply cannot afford to pay for peoples fucking asses anymore.

That's my vent for now, more coming later... Lost the mojo to finish right now... LOL