Well, the car is almost done, 11 months later, and 35k more in the hole. You have to ask yourself sometimes, what the fuck kind of car takes 11 months to rebuild. I am probably going to sell the car in LA this upcoming summer. Here is a photo I took of it today: (photo of my car)

I just can’t wait to get the fucking thing out of the shop, it’s driving me nuts. I don’t know, a lot of shit is driving me nuts. Taxes, income, business, money (is this part of taxes and income?), people, friends, life in general, partners (is this part of friends and people?), decisions, choices, ugh… Anyways, here is a photo of me today:

(lost the photo)

Your probably asking yourself, “why did you post a photo of yourself?” Because it’s my blog, and I can do anything I want on it. That’s why. I have so many mixed feelings running through my body right now it’s retarded. Mixed feelings, as in… What do I do, where do I go, etc… Those kind of feelings, not the mooshy kind. You ever heard of the song called Forever by Chris Brown? I could literally loop it for days.

I guess my first question I want to figure out is what direction do I go. Direction as in, what path do I take to achieve the highest level I can achieve in life. I want everything I can get out of life. I am sick of the internet, the computer in general bores me now unless I am on iTunes. MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Lifehacker, and Google just fucking bore the shit out of me.

Did you know I wanted to be a comp science major when I dropped out before I (hit*) it big, bet you didn’t know that. Did you know I’ve been programming since 6th grade (technically). If you consider HTML/CSS a language, haha. AOL PP3 baby. Only uber nerds will even know what that means. I built websites for pure pleasure on a fucking daily basis up till 10th grade. I taught myself programming languages, photoshop, video editing, just to entertain myself by building websites. I can’t even count how many websites and domain names I have been through! Did you know I could have gotten my CCNA in junior year (but I lost interest in networking), and my A+ certification (computer technician)? If you don’t know what that is, a CCNA is the “Cisco Certified Network Associate” certification from Cisco. Basically I can network computers, make cat5/6 cables, and dance in circles while doing it. I also use to build computers for fun, but who didn’t right? Everyone does that. Ya, with my spare change in highschool, I bought DDR, CPU’s, Mobos, HDD’s, and toys to plug into PCI slots (before PCI Express came out, that’s how oldschool I am! LOL), not drugs okay! I was the ultimate nerd, the ultimate computer nerd, I could convert hex to binary, and vice versa. I forget it now though… I could program in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, a little ColdFusion, a little ASP, a little ActionScript, and that’s all I really needed to build bad ass websites. Let’s not even start with software right? I’ve been through it all, everything from MS Paint too QuickBooks, lol. I am not saying I am a fucking genius like Einstein, but that’s the fucking point. I am not even close to a genius, and for someone like me (past hardcore skateboarder for 4 years), I managed to become a pretty damn intelligent nerd. BUT NOW I STRONGLY DISLIKE COMPUTERS. Btw, I have no idea where I am going with my blog, nor do I intend to read it or spell check when I am done, I actually never do that, I freestyle 100% of the time.

I guess what I am trying to get to, is that, I don’t think I want to pursue anything that actually requires me to physically sit/work on a computer, unless I simply just manage the company. For example, I am working on, and, but I definitely am not going to be the one programming and designing it ;).

My real desire is to become a Real Estate Developer, which is going to take some time and some cash. But here I come apartment buildings, and then to the skyscrapers. Actually, if anyone wants to invest in some property, let me know! I am trying to get some funds together to invest in a 20+ unit apartment building, I will need roughly 200k+. So if anyone is interested, you know where I am.

EDIT (posted 17 minutes later): Recent thought I just had, I am starting to notice a loss of interest in photography, I don’t know what it is. I shot for 2 years, shot two famous people, and loved it, I really did. It is something I really could of probably pursued if I pushed myself, but I don’t know where I stand with photography right now either. Just a thought…

Anyways, I don’t know, that’s it for now, there was probably no real point to this blog, just felt like writing something.

Love Always, Andrew Fashion