Video Mashup Of LA So Far

I wanted to get more footage of the entire move, but I was so busy during the entire process. All I really have is just some clips here and there, but I tried to put them together as well as I could. The move ate me alive so far, and I ended up picking a very expensive place to live, fucking ridiculous... But one block from the staples center, a loft with high ceilings, luxury/industrial, 1500 square feet, granite, stainless steel, pretty damn nice.

Moved out here with my girlfriend Nicole, it's been fun so far :)

Met some great people.

BEMODEL is about to launch invite only in 7-14 days. Seriously this time. BMv1 sucked, BMv2 sucked, let's hope BMv3 is the charm :)

I bought a new car, 2011 Camaro, no not the SS. Now I'm saving up for a Ducati SportClassic GT, because it's absolutely gorgeous.

Here's the plan.

BEMODEL, grow to sufficient size and sufficient monthly income with very good potential. Find the right buyer and exit for 20mm+

Real Estate Investing (apartment buildings, commercial, parking lots) => Then to REDev (Real Estate Development)

And of course other internet projects :) maybe Drivable? I need a good idea for it, it's naked and needs some loving, so if anyone has an idea, and wants to kickstart it, let's kickstart it!

I know, quick post for now, just ask any questions if you have any.