Visions In Motion

It's so weird, actually, it's bizarre how things are happening. I feel like it's moving so slow, but everything is really happening so fast. It's twenty-ten, and all of the investors for beModel are on board, the paperwork is done, and I am ready to move forward. I have always been a fan of the Law Of Attraction, so much in fact, I made a Vision Board like they suggested. I put three fake checks written to beModel on my vision board, just 4 - 6 months ago probably. Guess what, I have had three real checks that have been written to beModel. It's crazy, seriously... Everything else on my vision board is in motion, I can feel it, I am getting closer to everything I want. For example, I have a photo on my vision board of me when I was in shape, when I was on my healthy eating habits, etc... I was crazy about "The Abs Diet," and now I am crazy about my diet and getting in shape again, getting closer to my in shape goal. The burst of motivation came out of no where.

I feel so incredibly good, so incredibly wonderful now, I feel I am getting closer to fixing myself, and stepping things up to another level. I honestly feel like I am going to get back in shape, be more confident in myself, and blow beModel up this year and at least make 500k this year, pay back my investors, and just totally kill it.

I have been on my diet perfectly this year, I know it's only been 4 days, but my diet is a fucking chore. Check the book out, it's amazing. It's called "The Abs Diet." It actually becomes second nature after a few weeks or so of being consistent.

The only reason I haven't been keeping up on my blogging is because of the holidays, the new year, trying to get back on my diet... But I am back, I am here to tell the story, whoever is reading, you are going to see me go back from nothing to everything, this time totally exposed. I went from broke to rich, to broke... I lost everything, and now I am back up on my feet, and I am going to be blogging and sharing everything from personal, sexual (maybe- I'm not to sexual lately hah), to business. I will be sharing my entire journey. From creating beModel, the marketing, from me selling my house, to moving to Los Angeles.

This is my life, how I will pick myself back up.

Nikes, yay or nay? I've never once worn Nikes in my entire life.