What Have You Done So Far?

Wow, we're already two weeks into the new year, things are moving quick apparently. This year is actually going great so far. I started my diet January 1st, and have been on it perfectly since, getting healthier, cleaning up the good ole body. Eating right is very important to me, especially because I am crazy about trying to be healthy and in shape. It's a confident thing, a health thing, a feeling good thing. I also just started boot camp training, lol, P90X on Monday January 11th, and that's seeming like it's going to be amazing. So far the five days I have done it have been kicking my ass pretty damn good. Yoga is a bitch! It's a 90 day course to get me insanely toned. I am also getting my blemishes fixed up, I have slight acne scarring (not tremendous or too bad at all), just want to fix up the light reddish scaring, so I've been seeing my dermatologist, and just finished my first laser appointment. Okay besides the healthy party of the new year, that's just half of it. After taking care of myself, I can take care of business :), and since my health is basically starting to feel like autopilot, which is good :), I have been able to kick ass at working too. I'll be sure to post results of P90X from day 1, day 15, day 30, etc... Let's hope it works good so you don't just see my fat ass stomach :)

Now to take care of business. Somehow things just started to come together at the perfect time, and I closed a deal with two new investors right around the start of the new year! So I went into the new year with two new partners for beModel. It's funny how perfectly I go into the new year with two new investors for beModel, along with all of my goals for personal achievement as well. It's a perfect transition, because internally I am fixing me big time, and I mean big time. Changes are happening with me like crazy, realizations, fixes, mentally, everything in me is just growing and learning. At the same EXACT time, I am at the start of blowing beModel up like crazy.

So far in the first 15 days of the new year I have achieved 1) getting investors for beModel, 2) start my diet and stick to it, 3) start getting in crazy shape. Basically 3 of my major fricken goals for the beginning of the new year! Now all I have to do is 1) blow beModel up like crazy :), 2) read more books, 3) move to LA, 4) sell my house and buy a new one, 5) find a quality girlfriend.

So let me ask you, what have you got done so far? Did you set a new years resolution, or so you were going to make some changes for twenty-ten, because I sure did!

I mean I guess that's my new years rant for now on how things are going, enjoy!

Andrew Fashion signing out, the year of The Renovatio.