What I want to change

1. Eliminate texting (only use it for non-important messages), and to stop being a pussy and relying on it for most of my communication. I hate how people TEXT, I hate how people are scared to pick up the fucking phone, I hate how people rely on it for everything. Texting is changing us, and making people avoid confrontation like a big boy or big girl. It's even damaging me. Texting is a weak median for people who are scared, have no discipline, and can't face actual human conversation. I've learned this from others and myself. 2. Read more often, I have a bunch of amazing books I need to finish.

3. Abs Diet...

4. Work out, I have a gym right in front of my bed, literally. Vectra Fitness 4000, or something. Lol.

5. Sell all of my shit on craigslist.org, I have been meaning to sell my shit for months now... Electronics, poker tables, things, crap, haha.

6. Stop being such a sissy about women (always needing one), there are better things to life then women (right now), like money-- work, toys, friends, and cleaning my house for once.

7. Shoot a little more often, I need to take more photos.

8. Finish my fucking websites: andrewfashion.com, bemodel.com, eniphone.com, 520venture.com, etc...

9. Finish my server room

10. To be continued