Where I'm At Right Now

Single for a few months now, I seem to always do this to myself. Get into a long relationship, make myself miserable and my partner miserable, and constantly break up with my girlfriends, and then keep going back and forth. And then when I try to fix it for the 10th time, it's to late. Out of all 3 relationships I've had, all amazing girlfriends, I ended it because I always wanted more, I'm a greedy mother fucker. I had the best of girlfriends, but for some reason, something in me wants MORE. It's not even about settling, the girlfriends I've had were probably perfect 10's in a lot of peoples books. But anyways, life goes on, no point in dwelling. Fuck women, work all day, and maybe sex at night, haha. But no relationships until I make at least 15 million.

So I have been living in Vegas since November now, and I've met some great people, but I'm falling into the Vegas trap. Thank god I'm catching myself and cutting myself off completely from partying. Vegas is not a place anyone should want to live. Ever.

Anyways I've got three iPhone Applications in production. BEMODEL Marketing has begun, and everything is going well. Currently working on the marketing plan for BEMODEL. I've got a pretty funny iPhone Application that will be available in the App Store shortly, I'm sure every single male will have it on their phone.

I always out of nowhere get these insane burst of emotions that seem to push me, this has only ever happened a few times in my life, where my motivation goes through the roof. It's like motivation, inspiration, drive, obsessive need of crazy success, and a mild bit of jealousy. I've hit that point again, where I'm at is not enough, I want more, I need more. I'm dying inside.

A Bentley GT, and mediocre house isn't enough for me. No where near enough. I belong in Beverly Hills with a multi-million dollar mansion, a private jet, an incredible yacht, and Mila Kunis as my Wife. I'm sure of you feel the same I do, so let's stop fucking around, and really do this shit. We all say it, "Fuck this, I'm really going to kill it now," but most of us are all full of shit. So why don't we really just fucking kill it. For the next 3 months, Andrew will be a killer Andrew, the Andrew that is Vegan, works out everyday, and fucking works 24/7 working on my own ideas and businesses. And fucks bitches, and parties only when he deserves it.

I hate the feeling of letting people who have invested in me down. I have companies I'm still working on that still haven't bloomed yet, and it's driving me absolutely insane.

Oh I'm living in Colorado again, so I can focus, save up, and work on my house, this is only temporarily. I'm moving to CA in 3 months maximum.

That's all I have right now.