WomenChaseMen Launch!

WomenChaseMen.com launches tomorrow! Finally. Two months later. After raising $3,000 for this launch, and investing $2,000 of my own dollars, I can finally launch my e-book (digital download). 35,000 words, and 160 pages later. It took me roughly 4 weeks to write the entire book, and to get it fully edited. I could have finished it quicker, but I delayed a little bit. I put my heart into this book, literally. I wanted to create a product that men would actually be happy with, when they spent $67 dollars on my book, and it's damn well worth it. You will not find information as valuable as I share any where else, because nobody likes to exploit the true game, it makes us men look bad. And it's definitely not meant for women eyes. This is true inner game material to triggering women. If you want to step up your game, I seriously suggest purchasing my book.

Everything I mention in my book is from experience, from before I made money, to when I had millions, to being extremely broke, and even the women knowing I was flat ass broke. You do not need money to make women sexually attracted to you, you could be a 5, and make 10 fall for you. Nuff said.

Anyways, after writing the book, I had to go out, and seek JVs (Joint Ventures), aka partnerships. I have a total of three JVs currently on board, with potentially two more. Currently totaling over 4 million targeted emails. I am dripping starting tomorrow, testing conversions, and tweaking sales page text, and so on. We are going to drip 50,000 emails initially to see how it does, so wish me luck. Let me show you what I designed for WCM.

The Opt-In Page:

The Sales Page (Landing Page)

I'll be sure to post how well the sales page converts, because I know everybody loves numbers! I sure do. I'm expecting to sell a minimum of 20 copies, and a maximum of 120. If I sell just in the middle of those estimates, that would be 50 copies x $67 product price = $3,350 gross sales in one day. I know all of you are wishing me the best for tomorrow!

If anyone has any questions, comments, or anything. Just ask me in the comments below. And please subscribe!

PS. For all you english teachers, this was not proofread at all, nor did I even glance over it all. Just typed it, and hit "Publish."