For the curious, here is a break down of chapters I have been working on so far… The book covers my early life, where my drive came from, why I dropped out, how I made my millions, how and why I lost it all. After all of that is covered I then go into the depression, and bankruptcy, and everything I went through from the mistakes I made. Then finally getting into how I raised $150,000 without any money in the bank, and then making a quarter million from internet advertising as of now (50k/mo), and picking myself back up while building a new company which is launching June of 2012. Expect the book release probably Around end of 2012, when the world ends!

You may ask yourself, why would I want to read a book about some guy who made 2.5 million and lost it all.

Well. Not only did an average drop out make it, the opportunities are bigger than ever now.

You will learn how I made it, where it all went, and what I learned from it.

How I raised $150,000 even after the fact of being in debt with $0 in the bank.

How I recovered from my house foreclosing, my tax lien, and my consumer debt.

And how I got back to making 100k/mo.

And of course, the struggles I went through with launching my new company, launching this June this year.

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  1. danny scott

    hi i was just wondering when your book is coming out and will be in book shops in austraila

  2. Omar Gonzalez

    Hi Andrew!
    Please, let me know when your book will be ready.
    I thank you in advance.
    Truly yours,

  3. Soy Eco de Colombia,, resido en la Florida desde hace hoy 11 anos, llegue con mi familia a solicitar asilo… tuve la oportunidad de tener una revista en mis manos, “MOMENTOS’ me llamo la atencion el articulo “COMO Y PORQUE? como amasar una fortuna de 2.5 millones con 21 anos y llegar arruinado a los 22.. Escrito por: Arnaz Roberto. Bueno,, Me alegra haberlo encontrado porque nos da mucho de que hablar, sobre todo nosotros los mayores, en donde el protagonista bien podria ser nuestro propio nieto, pero que con su corta vida, nos brinda una pero muy rica ensenanza para todos, especialmente a la juventud , por supuesto no todos, andan perdidos y este joven con tan pocos anos, ha vivido y puede aportar a la humanidad una ensenanza extraordinaria, anhelo tener tu libro en mis manos, Solo agrego para no extenderme…lo importante es reconocer los errores y tomar de ellos lo positivo para volver a levantar, pero esta vez y estoy segura con pasos firmes….FELICITACIONES Y TE AUGURO MUCHISIMOS EXITOS , ADELANTE Y QUE DIOS GUIE TUS PASOS…

  4. Tyler

    Hi Andrew
    Im unable to create a profile on your Bemodel site for some reason. Are you currently in the process of working on the site?

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