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Hey everyone, been awhile since I been actively blogging, it’s because I’ve been so busy managing my house, roommates, BEMODEL, and just working a lot. Trying to focus, been very tough, with the constant BEMODEL fixes we have to do. So since my DEV team is currently tied up for the next few weeks, and my designer has been very busy as well. I’ve had some downtime to work on other things in the mean time.

So, I decided to give Affiliate Marketing another try. I don’t know if anyone remembers or read a few years back on my blog that I lost a lot of money trying to get into PPC/CPA, using Google Adwords. So I am going to try a different method, and that is selling my own product my partners and I are creating. We are going to be using ClickBank to sell our digital product. Once the product is done, I will post a blog so everyone can check it out, it’s going to be based on Women & Men, and my opinions on certain things. The reason for the image of this post is because it is a “sexy” product really on women. I think I am going to be selling it for $47 with an upgrade to $77 to get all of the bonuses. It’s really an incredible eBook I am writing. Already almost to 100 pages, and packed with information.

I am trying to launch this product on ClickBank and have the landing page and everything ready by the first week of August. If anyone out there as a large e-mail list, please hit me up, maybe we can work something out. I am trying to do a really big Product Launch.

Andrew Fashion

In The Waiting Line

Wow, been a while since I’ve blogged. Kind of fell off the planet you could say? I have been constantly trying to keep myself up, working on BEMODEL, managing roommates, trying to sell my house, women, work, keep my house clean, and just keeping my head up. The big move is coming, November… Is when I leave this state, I can’t be here anymore, it’s to small for me.

I finally launched BEMODEL with my partner, we are in the debugging stage at the moment. It’s going great, the site is gorgeous, and we are about ready to market and blast, and take this shit to the moon. My plan is to move to Los Angeles by November, and have BEMODEL killing it within the next 90 days.

Let me see if I can sum up what has been going on since Washington DC, I am a little rusty with the blogging, so please bare with me.

1) For starters, I had to delay my book, because of BEMODEL, and I have a lot more to add to the book. So I am probably going to be delaying the release of my book to around the time I move, unfortunately… But it will be worth the wait.

2) BEMODEL took a long time to get it where it is, loads of stress, tons of work, and constant e-mailing/phone calls.

3) I feel so locked up, being stuck in this state. I am ready to leave and get back to where I was.

4) I now have 4 roommates. It’s ‘meh’ but whatever helps pay the bills right? I’d rather have one roommate like before.

5) I am trying to sell my house before I move to Los Angeles.

6) The new iPhone 4 is sex.

7) It’s been quite the struggle to get where I am right now. Very stressful, hard, and overwhelming. But I am almost there.

8) I’m crazy about “something” but I have to be super patient for it, and it’s tough.

I’m in the waiting line right now. Everything is in place, now it’s just patience. It’s so difficult, but seriously, I am minutes away from being a millionaire again, and I can fucking feel it. I know it seems like all I care about is money, but it’s more than that. It’s fixing myself, paying things off, buying a house for my mother, getting a better car, eating good food again, enjoying life, etc…

You know what I’ve realized, and it’s still hard for me to this day, because I am impulsive. Patience. And it fucking sucks, haha. Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet ;)

So I am going to sit here, and when I say sit, I do mean patiently work and wait for what prospers. Wish me luck.

<3 Andrew

beModel Party & My First Rave

So here I am, April 2nd, about 30 – 45 days from launch of the new, getting very close. The new beModel is absolute fire, it’s innovative, it’s clean, it’s sexy, it’s insane. beModel will now be a brand, not just a website, beModel screams fashion, beModel will be branded like crazy. All I can really say is, prepare yourselves, I can’t say too much.

The beModel Rebirth Party is May 14th @ Suite 200

I am currently sick, super sick, headache, achey, ears hurt, throat hurts, eyes hurt, stuffy and runny nose at the same time. I’ve been sick since Saturday night, almost a fucking week. So forgive me if this post sucks.

I was talking to a friend, and we are going to be throwing a big rave at “Red Rocks Amphitheatre” with two of the top DJ’s in the world. We are planning to throw this rave in August hopefully! I’m not a rave guy, but there is a lot of money in it. I guess I’ll just tell you my plan. I am going to throw a few of these raves, sell out 10,000 tickets each time, make a quick half a million each run, and open my club here in Denver, CO early next year. Already have a club name, and all the ideas written down! I’ll make sure to keep everyone posted on the status of this party, I am just going to be the investor for the party. I guess my goal is to kind of take over Global Dance Festival, rawr! Just a side project after beModel starts pulling in the cash.

That’s it for now, I’m to sick to keep writing, my head hurts.

Here We Go! beModel!

Ok, so I’ve attached a few of the photos from my iPhone from the DC trip, nothing to special yet, I will get more photos soon! I did a public speech in Washington DC for the Underground Online Seminar 6 event, and it was incredible. I was so nervous at first, Yanik introduced me as Andrew Fashion, gave a small summary of how much money I’ve made off the internet, and I went on to the stage. There I am standing in front of 200 fucking people, 22 years old, 80% of the crowd easily over the age of 30-35 years old. I have never given a speech before in my life, and here I am telling everyone how I did it, and how you can do it too. A few minutes into my speech, I really started to losen up which was good, and I got into my story, and it wasn’t that bad! After my 40 minute speech, and taking questions for 5 minutes, everyone clapped, and when I got off of the stage, a lot of people came up to me! They all said great speech, amazing speech, moving story, etc… It was an incredible feeling knowing that my story was able to move people! I’ve raised $150k for a new company I am building,, and we’re planning to launch May 1st. My projections are very high, and I am very confident we will be making some solid money right off launch! I am predicting anywhere from 10k – 50k/mo just off launch, which means we will be paying our investors off very quickly! I hope you are all as excited as I am, because beModel is about to break the Alexa top 1000 websites, over 300 million pageviews per month, over 250k uniques per day, and potentially up to $1M per month!

If anyone here has experience with product launches, website launches, or marketing, send me a comment or e-mail!

New Goals & Washington DC So Far

So it’s March 12th, and I just finished my first public speech at the Underground Online Seminar Year 6, I think it was probably in front of about 150-200 people, not all 300 made it. Here is a photo before the event, the room is double the size of this photo, and filled up completely almost. It was awesome, I got to do my first public speech in front of a bunch of inspired people who want to learn about internet marketing. If I would of known the event a little better, I would of educated and taught something rather than just telling only my story. After my speech, a good amount of people came up to me and shook my hand and said great speech, it was a good feeling! I am going to be sticking around in Washington DC for the entire event until Sunday evening the 14th, then get my little ass back home as quick as I can to get some work done ASAP.

(It was a lot bigger than this!)

(It kept going around, much bigger than this!)

I have some goals I want to accomplish as soon as I get back home, just some goals I really need to finish! Here they are:

1) Clean up and restructure my office/basement/room downstairs so it’s one badass bachelor pad office setup. Then do a photoshoot of this new office setup.

2) Full time P90X / Diet, I got off track after all 4 of my damn trips, time to get back in the groove.

3) Do a few photoshoots every month. Rebuild my portfolio.

4) Affiliate marketing or create my own digital product to sale.

I want to get all these done while the rebirth of is being developed and designed, give me something to do, and something to focus on. So that’s my current list of short term goals for the next 3 months! Wish me luck!

PS. The photo at the top of this post is a 5ft painting of Jamie and I!

Andrew Fashion

How I Got Where I Am Today

Before I Get To My Public Speech, A Quick Recap

I am living proof that you don’t need to be a genius to make it. I am proof that all it takes is a constant burning desire to succeed to get somewhere. See, I’ve had this problem for the last six months, and it’s hitting me harder than a fucking rock. I don’t know if it’s my fixation of fixing myself, or if it’s a disease? Ever since I ended things with my ex Stella (first true love), I have had absolutely no care in the world for women. It’s almost if women are just a bare necessity to get by lately, is that wrong? I can’t stand the fact of starting over right now, trying to find a woman, trying to fill that void is just to much work right now, it’s too god damned hard… I have this dirty obsession, of becoming so big, I want to make a change, I want to be a man of value, a man of character, I want to die wise. I sometimes look at myself from the outside, and ask myself is this an unnatural obsession? Everyone else talks about partying, women, college, traveling, whatever… I think to myself, I must blow this business up, to invest into the next, so then I can build my ultimate Real Estate empire.

Whenever I am hanging out with a girl, sex barely goes through my mind, barely… Talking to a girl frightens me lately, nothing of importance or relevance to our current situation even comes out of my mouth. The only thoughts running through my mind are one of these; a) Money, b) Business, c) Success, d) Value (my value), e) All of the above. It’s actually been very damaging to me even trying to build a relationship with a women, so this is my ending clause; I retire from trying to continue anything of any value with any woman until I am satisfied with my own success. This may seem weird or odd, but the simple fact remains is that I cannot seem to care or focus on women, because the only thoughts in my mind are my businesses.

Back to the opening statement of this blog– “I am living proof that you don’t need to be a genius to make it.” You want to know why I am living proof, is because for one, I absolutely know I am far from a genius, I’m smart, but not super smart. With my constant drive, and positive thoughts of how well things will be, and how well things will go, I keep seeing this weekly change, and I mean every week I see something newer and better happening. Okay, I will backtrack for a minute. December, I raised two new investors in the nick of fucking time. I landed a video interview on w/ Andrew Warner via Saad Milak. Andrew Warner opened up the doors to more exposure for me, landed me two other interviews with some other online magazines such as Which then led me to this blog article on me, which led me to push my book even harder than I already was. Your Hidden Potential actually inspired me to write my book faster, and to get it published quicker due to the feedback I saw from his readers. I am now 4 months away from publishing my first book Young & Stupid: How I Made And Lost Millions, which will actually land in brick and mortar stores, and online at

All of this came from my pinnacle blogs I wrote back in November because I wanted to let it all out, and oh boy did I let it all out, I told everyone how I made millions, how foolishly I spent it and lost it, and how depressed I became. And oh boy was I depressed, want to know one of the biggest challenges you go through mentally when being at the top and losing at all? Mental stability of my security. I was once a man who could do and control anything I wanted, I became so insecure with myself, like not having money meant not being a man. So insecure, I pushed the girl I was in love with away. Pathetic right, it’s all mental though, and I’ve learned that. My pinnacle articles I then followed with this blog post; Seeking An Investor From $75k to $300k attached with my bio and an executive summary.

My e-mail box and facebook inbox blew the fuck up. I had 7 people looking at my deal, and probably 3 more looking for investors for me. Oh sure, I thought a lot of it was talk, but I always go with the flow, I always stay positive, kept in touch, and followed up with phone calls. I repeated on the phone maybe 10 times what beModel is, how it’s going to make it’s money, just pitching my idea left and right to these people who found me from my blog! I closed within a few weeks with two local investors who in fact found me from my blog, you two know who you are, and don’t worry, you two are in great hands. Amazing hands at that, I am about to make you and myself uber rich. I raised $125k via my blog. Impressive to say the least. Am I genius, or am I just a man with a goal, an intensely strong will, and a cute blog? I’m an ordinary man with extraordinary visions and reach. The point is, I wanted it so bad (The Secret in motion once again), and it happened, once again.

All of these events, all of these moments, all of my continuous persistence, inevitably led to this upcoming moment. (Law Of Attraction explains all of this)

My First Public Speech

Yes, inevitably led to my first public speech. What’s the big deal? Besides being my first public speech in front of 300 people, being flown to Washington D.C. w/ paid hotel, flight, and event access for the entire 4 days, I’d like to say it’s another stepping stone for the entire spectrum of my success. The event is Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar, event access is just $3,000. Yup, that’s right, if you want to attend this event, you have to fork over $3,000. Of course it’s absolutely worth it, it’s networking with millionaires, genius’ of all kinds in the internet business, and trade secrets you couldn’t learn elsewhere, last year the owner of spoke at this event. I just so happened to land the pre-day speaking event on March 11th, where I have to give a presentation for 45 minutes on my story, my entrepreneurship, and my experience with the internet. It’s meant to be an inspirational, motivational type speech, and I am actually quite nervous because I have never done a public speech in front of 300 – 500 people, let alone more than a few people? I actually wouldn’t mind hearing some feedback or advice from you guys on public speaking tips, if anyone has any. Go ahead and check out the details of this event here: Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar, if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see me as one of the pre-day speakers.

I do know I have an interesting story to tell considering I’ve always been an internet guy, I know my way around the net, and I have a wide variety of knowledge in the internet world, I’ve made millions, lost millions, raised capital, and have built various types of websites, and done every form of advertising their is. I just need to make sure I convey the message inspirationally to the crowd with life. Wish me luck.

My Entrepreneurship

I’ve always been a man of honesty, a man of honest ethics, and honest morals. I bend the rules when needed, but never step on anyone. Well I guess in business, you’re always stepping on someone in the end. Taking business from someone else, and becoming the giant. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, entrepreneurship defines my number one characteristic, if singing or painting is the characteristic that defines you, entrepreneurship is what defines me, everything else comes after. Succeeding makes me happy, success makes my heart glow, reaching gives me that intensely strong will to pursue. Building companies, thinking of new ideas, raising capital, is what I crave. I am about to launch something new and revolutionary, I am going to make my investors incredibly rich, including myself. I’ve never felt a year like this one, 2010 has really had an incredible impact on me, It’s almost March 1st (about 2 months into the new year), and so much has accomplished, and so many stepping stones of been surpassed beyond measure. Alignment is in my favor this year, and it’s proven itself time and time again just this year. I am telling everyone right now, if nothing is going your way, turn it around right now, stop using dirty excuses, we all have excuses, all of us. I am telling you right now, it’s the burning desire and action you take on your burning desire to succeed that will take you beyond incapable and unexplainable measures. You will be saying to yourself how did this happen, how did I, Me, Myself land this position or opportunity… It’s clear to me, I don’t even need to ask it anymore, I know how I landed it, I know why, it’s because I deserve it.

You know your incredibly talented friend(s) who should be famous and rich for their abilities? Ask yourself, how come they aren’t? They are constantly drowning(being negative) themselves, and don’t think they deserve it, and don’t act on any desire they may have.

It’s time to step it up people. Pull out a piece of paper, and write your todo list, prioritize it, and get going. You want out of that 9-5, believe you can do it, and then actually act on it. I have faith in you.

Andrew Fashion

California Trip!

What a journey this was, a complete eye opener. Jamie Jones and myself flew to San Francisco to meet up with our designer / art director, who is taking on a huge project for us freelance, and the budget actually doubled, but is well worth it. San Francisco is amazing to say the least, not where I want to live, but definitely wouldn’t mind it at all, it’s so soothing, relaxing, peaceful, and at the same time alive. The place is gorgeous. The seafood is fucking incredible, gawddddd!!! Being there seriously made my heart feel so alive again, the environment, the people, the places, the seafood, the everything seriously sparked happiness inside of me. We met up with our designer that night and a buddy of mine Isa is in San Francisco, and joined the meeting as well. We met up around 10-11PM at Denny’s in downtown San Francisco, and it was such an amazing dinner. Absolutely eye opening, great conversation, and such life was in this quick pre-meetup, this wasn’t even our real meeting, and I could already feel the positive energy. The designer I selected to hire has got to be one of the most alive, smartest, driven people I have ever met in my life. You may have heard me say this stuff about people before, but I would hands down invest in this man myself with my last penny if I had to choose someone. I am 1000% confident in this guys abilities to bring beModel to another level for everyone. The ideas Jamie, myself, and Junior (our designer) were throwing around is just mind boggling. His intuitiveness is on another level, a different plateau than most could probably even fathom.

The following day Feb 6th, we had our meeting at Junior’s office, and his office is jaw dropping, he designed his office from scratch, his computer setup, his drive still amazes me every single day I continue to think about what we are getting into just makes me want to jump out of my chair with joy! Our budget went up, but for logical and purposely understandable reasons. We are bringing so much to the table with the new beModel for our customers, we are about to change the game this time, and for real this time. We now have the best art director in the world on our board of directors, along with an amazing web development team, along with the visions of Jamie and myself. I just happen to have been following this industry for almost four years now, so it’s safe to assume I know what needs to be done. After this amazing all day 12 hour meeting of brain storming, and boggling our minds, and number talk, Jamie and I enjoyed our last day in San Francisco. We were in San Fran from Feb 5th – 7th.

We then decided to take this time to relax and maybe do some traveling across California, why not right? Isa decided to come on our journey with us as well, since he lives in California anyways! Gave us time to think, brain storm, relax, and just all in all have a good time. We felt it was a good way to start the new year! We took the train immediately to Los Angeles, this was my first train ride ever, and it was FUCKING awesome. Trains have god damn outlets, why didn’t anyone tell me this before? I was tethering my iPhone to my MacBook Pro the entire 8 hour train ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I was geeking out, getting work done, emailing people, and webcamming with a sexy girl all at the same fucking time while on the train! I am going to try and make it a must that I take the train more often, it’s relaxing, convient, cheaper, and I can get work done on the go! It maybe be a little longer, but I don’t live by a strict schedule.

Jamie, Isa, and I arrived in LA, and immediately grabbed a cheap ass hotel in Hollywood, and walked the streets, and guess what happened, the night we arrived? We saw Ashton Kutcher walk across the street on the Valentines Day premier on Hollywood Blvd, no shit right? It was so full of life, people screaming and yelling “Ashton! Ashton! Ashton!” It was fucking incredible, he looked like such a god damn baller… There’s a little of my envy right there… Hah. To say the least, it was fucking awesome. Being in Hollywood makes me feel like something great is about to happen, literally, I feel like I am in the right place, I feel like I belong there, and I can’t fucking wait to get back. After that, we hit up The Grove mall, and god damn did I begin to feel nostalgic like crazy, this is the mall I went to every single day with Rose when I lived in downtown Los Angeles with her. I absolutely love The Grove, it is probably one of the most environmentally beautiful malls I have seen. It’s so god damn beautiful. We just looked around, and just inspired each other being in the place, talking what we are going to do, future plans, etc… A great feeling :)

After this, we took a bus to Anaheim, and then a taxi to Laguna Beach where we tried to find the cheapest hotel we could, luckily we found an affordable one… Yes in Laguna, we found a cheap one, haha, believe it or not! Laguna was incredible, because a buddy of mine (Kris) I have never met from Huntington Beach came and picked us up, and we went and played pool, grabbed some dinner, and had some drinks, it was pretty damn fun. Kris is the guy I met online 4 years ago who got me into the MySpace business, essentially getting me into the game of being uber rich :) thanks Kris, haha. He took Jamie, Isa, and I to the top of the world in Laguna Beach, and jesus hell was this amazing. So inspiring, so beautiful, the view was incredible, even though it was evening, just seeing the dark ocean only a few miles away, standing next to multi-multi-multi million dollar homes, including the famous Wave House which we also saw. Eye opening, jaw dropping, and breath taking… I can’t describe the emotions that have been flowing through me on this entire 6 day journey, it’s life changing for me, because this is where I belong :) Thanks Kris for showing us around!

After this, we took a train to San Diego, where I lived for about 6 months with my ex-girlfriend Rose. We saw Jamies friend, and picked her up from USD- University of San Diego. Holy shit, this college is amazing, and fucking huge, surprised I never went and looked at it before… We went to Fashion Valley Mall, which is right where I lived with her, definitely an overwhelming feeling, once again, insanely nostalgic. I saw Rubios where I ate every single fucking day with her, I saw Dlush where I would get a smoothie every single day, I even saw the MAC counter in Nordstroms she worked at… I miss San Diego so much… Reminds me of when things were so easy, so right, ugh, almost overwhelming thinking about how I have been starting over… I was with her for three god damn years, okay, enough reminiscing, haha. Anyways, I would much rather live in Hollywood or Beverly Hills anyways.

Overall, this trip has brought me even to a higher point, a deeper feeling of what needs to be done. I am going to speed up this process, I am going to make a shit load of money and get my ass back to where I belong, and make all of my investors uber-rich, including myself. Persevere, work hard, the money follows. I feel it all, I feel it coming. When I fix myself, and get back on my feet, and clear away my problems, true happiness will follow. Hopefully a beautiful ladys pops up along the way, I could use a pretty girl :)

Just a rant about the trip, I wrote this entire thing on the plane ride back in just a few minutes, not going to proofread either, just going to post right when I land, hope you enjoyed!

Andrew Fashion


Tomorrow is the day, the day I get to be free of Colorado for a few days. I can’t stand Colorado to be honest, I dislike it here, I miss Los Angeles. I use to live in Los Angeles, but I moved back because of money and relationship situations, and I am dying to get back there. Things are going great, life, business, and so on. My partner and I are going to San Francisco this Friday to wrap up the beModel design with one of the most talented designer / art directors I have ever met. I am so excited to see what he brings to the table for us. We have an amazing development team on board right now, and we nailed some killer shit down today, we are looking at about a 90 day turn around time for the new beModel, possibly shorter, possibly longer, but things are moving very smooth.

The reason I called this post Airports, is because I love airports, I absolutely love airports. Honestly, I’d love to be on standby, and be stuck at the airport, with my laptop, and just chilling at a terminal. I could probably spend weeks in an airport just eating airport food, starbucks, coffee, my laptop, and a pillow. I feel so free, I feel away from everyone. It’s like being at Starbucks writing, but a much more productive bigger version of it. Being in airports motivates me so much, I start to write the most awesomeness todo lists ever! I’m really excited to finally get out of here, hit the airport, get to SF to work on beModel, and possibly hit up LA for a few days to just relax and get away.

beModel is about to dominate the industry big time, I have some plans in store for this rebirth. Hope everyone is ready for this.

The Renovatio is coming.

PS. Stop looking Andrew… Seriously… Stop worrying about it… It’ll come to you when you’re ready for it. Focus Andrew! You don’t women right now.

Love Always,
Andrew Fashion

January Marks The Start Of Something Great

Today was the day everyone, after the entire month of busting our ass off coordinating the new website, the wireframing I have been constantly posting on my Facebook Status, the constant Starbucks meetings, and the endless brainstorming. We have finally lined up all of our phases, and the project is now in motion, and we actually recorded the entire day today of what went down. I will make sure to post it ASAP. The video below is not the filming we did today of all of our meetings. The video below is just me getting my tattoo.

Me Getting My Tatto
Credits to Jamie Jones for cutting this video for me

We met with our development team we decided to hire for the new beModel. Essentially, we are now relying on these guys to bring us the baddest of bad websites, time to revamp beModel everyone! The team we hired is LiquidFire. You want to know the reason I hired LiquidFire? Why did I decided to give them the $50,000+ project? Check this out:

PHP/OOP – Design patterns, PEAR,
MySQL, Advanced queries for high traffic (hundreds of thousands of visitors a day)
A snap
Memcaching, caching in general
Over breakfast
Advanced AJAX skills (JavaScript and XML)
All day
Getty fancy with sprites? Sounds fun
Mobile browser experience (we need a full mobile browsing experience built)
Just did a mockup of a mobile site for the fastest growing IT firm the US for them to demo to Johnson & Johnson
Merchant account integration, paypal integration, CC processing, etc…
Done it all.
Experience with API’s such as Google Maps, Amazon, Paypal,, Facebook connect, Twitter connect
Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup
SMS Notifcations
How about a system that sends automated SMS’s on people in the systems birthday’s? That counts, yeah?
User based live chat- similar to Facebook
Boom, done

This was a reply to a craigslist ad I posted actually, and this was the email I received from him, and the bold being his responses. I found it amusing, humorous, and could just tell by his level of confidence he could handle the project. Obviously we had many interviews, and meetings before anything was ever finalized.

The reason the blog title is “January Marks The Start Of Something Great” is because today is the day we cut the check. We were actually able to cut the development time in half as well, and my partner Jamie Jones and I are actually flying to San Francisco to meet with our designer jR. I am extremely excited to finally get out there and get the design process started with probably one of the best UI designers, and most creative individuals I have met in my entire life.

January; The beginning of a stellar beginning
January was an absolutely stellar month. I have accomplished so much, and have met so many new people, positive people, amazing connections. January 2010 has opened the door to so many new opportunities. For example:

I have had my book idea for quite awhile sometime now, but you want to know what sparked me to take my book to another level, and really get it done? This guy right here is the reason that really ignited me. If you read this guys article on me, which he was inspired to write because of my Mixery Video Interview w/ Andrew Warner. I have been working on my book for awhile now, but YHP really kick started me, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard people who have wanted to hear an in depth story of my life, so it just got me going! So thank you YHP! When I go for something, I go big, I blow my phone book up and immediately start trying to connections, I immediately do research, I probably read 30 articles on how to get published and find an agent, and listened to maybe 10 YouTube videos. You think I am kidding? I’m definitely not. I’m a research bug. Here is where my book stands, I am getting published in brick and mortar stores nationwide, and my book will be available on Amazon. How did I do it, by constantly pushing, by not ever giving up, and blowing up my phone book :).

So not only did January mark the month of me raising money for beModel, not only did it inspire me to finish my autobiography Young & Stupid: How I Made And Lost 2.5 Million Dollars (Feel free to visit my book website and subscribe to be notified when it’s available), but it marks the start of something amazing. I have been on my diet, I have been working out, I have been getting my game together more than ever. Hopefully I’ll meet a beautiful lady next :)

Well that’s really how January went for me, how did your first month of Twenty-Ten go?

Andrew Fashion

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