Ko Phi Phi Photos

Here is another photo gallery of the photos we took on our one week vacation in the Phi Phi Islands. More posts coming about our experience! […]

Our Bangkok Photos

Once again, I made the mistake of not taking any quality photos, I didn’t have a camera with me, just a damn cell phone. I also […]

Bangkok Adventures (Video)

Here is a little video I put together in iMovie of our adventures in Bangkok. I didn’t really take too much quality video because we kept […]

My Bangkok Arrival

The airport and flight was not bad at all. We arrived three hours early (meant to make it two hours early), oops. Of course my fiancee […]

Adventures in Ko Phi Phi

This is just a quick video I put together of our adventures in Ko Phi Phi. More posts to come! Enjoy
Maya Beach

The Beginning Of My Transformation

Hey everyone, Vegan Drew here. I have embarked on a journey with my fiancee. I left America to travel the world, learn about new cultures, and […]

Cancun With Nicholas Klein!

My Cancun trip was back in August, but I just now got around to posting the photos, haha. I went with two buddies I met in […]

Maui Journey

My girlfriend and I visited Maui, Hawaii from November 10th – 17th, 2011. I know, the blog is late, ugh, I’m so bad with my online […]