BEMODEL Development Blog

Just figured I’d let anybody out there who is curious of the development of the new BEMODEL. You can follow everything here:

What’s Been Going On. BEMODEL And More.

Man oh man, things have been hectic, crazy, and slow all at the same time. So as some of you may know, I raised the $145,000 […]
photo 4

Here We Go! beModel!

Ok, so I’ve attached a few of the photos from my iPhone from the DC trip, nothing to special yet, I will get more photos soon! […]

California Trip!

What a journey this was, a complete eye opener. Jamie Jones and myself flew to San Francisco to meet up with our designer / art director, […]

beModel Interview

Here is our interview with, answering a lot of common questions about the upcoming renovated beModel hitting you guys soon! Check out the interview, and […]


Tomorrow is the day, the day I get to be free of Colorado for a few days. I can’t stand Colorado to be honest, I dislike […]

January Marks The Start Of Something Great

Today was the day everyone, after the entire month of busting our ass off coordinating the new website, the wireframing I have been constantly posting on […]

beModel Update

So, the wireframes are done, the phases are in line, the structure is almost complete. The only reason it took 3 weeks into the new year […]

What Have You Done So Far?

Wow, we’re already two weeks into the new year, things are moving quick apparently. This year is actually going great so far. I started my diet […]

beModel Phase Two

Okay, so finally we are getting some where delicious. The paperwork is done. Every one has signed, this is a six member LLC, backed by 4 […]