Hey there, I’m Andrew Thompson. And I made 7 million dollars from MySpace and Bitcoin.

I’m also an entrepreneur from Los Angeles, and I'm just your average high school dropout. I was 17 when I received my first $100,000 check from my first big hit on the internet, my website was MySpaceSupport.com, and I was the guy to build the first profile editor for MySpace. Fast forward a few months, I've made roughly two million dollars by the age of 18.

But then, I foolishly spent it all like a lottery winner, how cliche, right? Everyone thought I was a one hit wonder, I was severely depressed before I hit age 21. Going from $150k per month to $0 per month overnight because Google and Yahoo decided to pull the plug, is an unimaginable pain, especially when you think things are going smoothly. No warning, no nothing.


Disappointment either destroys you or drives you, you decide.

- Tony Robbins


Fast forward a few years later, I made a $10,000 investment, and turned that into three million dollars. Did I learn my lesson? Nope, I fucked that money off even better. Hollywood, Bentley's, Lamborghini's, mansions, bottle service, whores, and drugs.

Fast forward a few years again, and here I am now. If you're curious about my journey, and want to hear more, browse around. Because, oh boy do I have some stories, and some insight. I will be sharing my insight of what it was like being a highschool dropout self-made millionaire, how I made millions from bitcoin, all kinds of dirty secrets, how I raised 2 million dollars for my last startup, and all the insane mistakes my business partner and I made that drove our old company into the ground.

Along with that I will reveal to the world for the first time ever my dark side that has let me to the inevitable falls I’ve constantly had, and why I haven’t been able to hold onto my millions…

If you’re interested in my journey, and learning what I have to share, I suggest you start with my first blog here.