And I'm Back. Start Here.

Chances are you do not know me.  Back in 2006 or so, blogging was hot.  I gained a pretty substantial following based on some of my blogs I wrote in 2009.  They went viral – I mean, how many 18 year olds earn two million dollars and blow it within two years?

Oh, I am a high school dropout too.  That may have something to do with it.

Anyway, I blew through all of that money plus a few other million here and there.  These three blogs will go into a bit of detail on that.

I also said I would fill everyone in on what happened since 2009.

Really guys.  I will get to it.  Stop reminding me every six months to do it.

Well, I did it.

These stories that you can read are filled with excitement, stupidity, nonsense, wisdom and great ways to spend two million dollars.  Hint: women, drugs and alcohol are perfect for that.

You can probably Google up my name – Andrew Fashion – and discover the cringe.

Those articles you may see are going to be written from a different perspective and point of view.  Please remember this when you start reading.  I accept who I was at that time.  Please do the same.

Read the blogs below, and then watch the cringy video.

Also, one more thing before you read.  I have updated these blogs significantly since I originally wrote them, adjusting the language, grammar and the like.  I wanted them to reflect who I am now.


These three chapters were written back in 2009 (but rewritten a little bit to adjust grammar; July 22nd, 2019)

Chapter 1: Rags to Riches: How I Became a Millionaire at 18 (2005-2006)

Chapter 2: Young & Stupid: How I Lost My Millions (2006-2007)

Chapter 3: How I Lost Millions: Depression And How I Dealt (2008-2009)

These chapters were written July 22nd, 2019 (this is my story…)

Chapter 4: The beModel Years (2010)

Chapter 5: Vegas To Hollywood (2011-2013)

Chapter 6: Stephanie and Sage (2014-2015)

Chapter 7: App-tually, I have an idea … (2015)

Chapter 8: The Dark Days and App-diction (2016-2018)